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Ear Gauges and Ear Plugs Great Prices, Stretch Your Ear Not Your Wallet.

Updated on July 25, 2012

Ear stretching in Modern Day

Gauging your ears is been a style for years and doesn't seem like it's going away. The only problem with ear plugs is that most places don't allow you to wear them. I had to take mine out and let them close up it sucked but hey it's a job. Their are some sizes that are acceptable but give it time then the world will hopefully become more open to it. Some places if it's below a 4 gauge then they usually don't have a problem but I found once you start stretching you just want to keep going bigger and bigger. Check out these Metal Ear Gauge Plugs

Things to avoid when stretching your ear.

The one thing you don't want to do is blow your ear out.  I know it sounds painful and it is.  A blow out is when your ear lobe rips, that's what I said it Rips.  Ouch!  That's not it it usually takes a while to heal and then you sometimes get a nice growth that looks like a tumor on your ear.

Take it slow your body will tell you if you are ready.  Their should be no excessive pain, bleeding if so stop and put the appropriate size plug in and let it heal.  Your ear is telling you your not ready.  Remember RIP!!!  Never leave the taper in your ear no matter what people say because it causes uneven stretching's which will be a pain in the butt when you go to place your plugs in.  I recommend going from your normal piercing at a 18 guage to a 14 guage then most people can go to a 10 gauge.

How to stretch your ears

Always use a taper to stretch your ear and lube it up with triple antibiotic then slowly glide it thru your ear until your comfortable with stopping.  If you have to take it slow go for it.  The best time I find that works for stretching is right after a warm shower because your ear is nice a limber.  Glide the taper thru until you reach the end then put the ear gauge of your choose up to it and push it thru like it's part of the taper this is the easiest instead of pushing the taper thru and having to push the plug thru because the ear will shrink a little.

After the piercing is in use sea salt to help heal it.  It's best to wait about a month before stretching again.  Remember don't go to fast each person can go at a different rate.  I went from 18 to 14 gauge then to 8 gauge then to a 4 gauge then to a 2 gauge.  If your having a problem or hard time doing it your self go to a professional most places only charge you for the plugs then do the stretching for free.

Rubber Bands on your Ears

Using the rubber rings is essential and your worst enemy depending on how you use them.  You need them to hold the plug in so it doesn't fall out.  But the down fall can be if you put them to tight it could cut of ventilation to your ear and get them infected.  Only put the slightly past he ends not right up against your ear.


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      jim 6 years ago

      Great page!

      Personally resin gauges work best for me. Its the only material that doesnt irritate my ears. I use