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Ear Pinning - Also Known as Ostoplasty

Updated on July 20, 2012
No one wants ears that stick out!
No one wants ears that stick out!

However much we men spend time trimming our ear hair or moisturising, there are certain things that are more difficult to change.

For some men (and women), protruding ears are a problem and not a very attractive one at that. We have even heard of people resorting to superglue to hold the ears back .. something not to be recommended. Ear pinning, or Ostoplasty however, are recognised methods of correcting this problem.

Ostoplasty or ear pinning is usually carried out on children or young teenagers but can also be carried out on adults.It is perhaps though, best performed in the earlier years of a person's life whilst they are still growing as the results are likely to be more successful.

In effect, to carry out this procedure, the ears aren't actually 'pinned back' as such but cartilage and skin are removed from the back of the ears and they are then manoeuvred into place into a better position and then stitched to hold the ear in place. This procedure may be carried out under local or general anaesthetic depending on the surgeon. It is best to discuss this with him before hand.

Although this is a surgical procedure, it is a relatively minimally invasive one with the procedure taking around two hours and on an out patient basis. The downside is that a head bandage will need to be worn for several days to hold the ear in place whilst it heals so it is advisable to consider this when timing the procedure. It is also advised that a few days be taken off to avoid any accidental injury to the ear,

Although the risks in ostoplasty or ear pinning are very small, they none the less exist and include scarring or infection. It is important that you discuss this with your doctor prior to the surgery.


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