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Ear Plug & Taper Kits: Stretching Your Ears at Every Size

Updated on February 22, 2011

Ear Taper Kits

Stretching your ear lobes has been used for hundreds of years but has only become a fashion statement in the last 10-15 years. Stretching your ears is not painful although alot of people believe it is. I personally have my ears to a 00g right now and have done it a couple of times and the only thing you will feel is a slight burning for a couple hours. I actually think it hurts less than getting your ear pierced as long as it is done right.

I have some great kits that I have found that help you do it your self and you will pay as much for one professional stretching than you would this whole kit for 10g to 00g.

Whats nice about alot of these kits is they are a complete ear plug and taper kit that comes in many colors and patterns, you can pretty much get anything you can picture. Stretching your ears are easy just go slow and size by size. Please do not skip sizes this can cause a blow out.

Pains from Stretching Your Ears

Like I said I and most people I stretch ears for say it's a slight burning feeling.  Like I said go slow and by size.  Also use triple antibotic as a lube for the taper.  If you go to fast a blowout will occur.  Thats when the skin actually rips where your stretching and can cause discomfort and can actually cause growths.  This is caused from just shoving the taper through as quick as possible or skipping sizes.


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