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Ear Stretching / Gauging 101

Updated on February 15, 2013

Ear Stretching Jewelry


Stretched Ears

Stretching your ears is a big deal. It can't really be as simple as sticking jewelry in your ear lobes and then stretching them bigger and bigger, it comes with rules and boundaries. The first and best rule that we recommend is that you read. Reading information can not only teach you the proper way to stretch your ears, but also how to take care of your lobes which is a very essential part to ear stretching!

To properly start stretching your ears, you need to find our what gauge your ears were pierced with. If your ear, as most peoples are especially if they were pierced when you were younger, was pierced with a piercing gun, your jewelry is either a 20 gauge or an 18 gauge, so you can safely start stretching with a 16 gauge. If your ears were pierced in a professional studio, you were more than likely pierced with a 16 gauge (always check with your piercer) and you will be able to start stretching at 14 gauges. If your ears are freshly pierced, you will need to wait at least 4 to 6 months so that your ear lobes are completely healed. If you had some type of complication or infection, make sure you give yourself a little more time to heal. Also, wait at least 2 months between stretching. Some people need more or less time, but you need to give your lobes a time to stretch, a time to heal, and a time to rest. In between, you can use different oils or our Holey Butt'r to massage your ear lobes. Keep your jewelry clean as well. It can harbor a lot of bacteria, some materials more than others!

Some jewelry units are called different things. From a 20 gauge to a 00 gauge, the unit of measurement is called a gauge. Anything larger starts from an 1/8" all the way up to 1 inch and bigger, all depending on your preference. Never, ever skip sizes. You will probably hear that all through out stretching as it's a very important rule if no others are followed. We will go into detail a little later on as to why. Keep in mind that patience in very important in the ear stretching process, especially if you want thick, healthy lobes.

Body Jewelry Plugs

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Ear Stretching 101

To kind of gather all of the information in a few sentences, the main tips that were talked about through out this article will be here for you to reference. Always make sure your ears are healed up, Make sure you that you know what size your jewelry is so that you can get the next size up. Please never skip sizes. Patience is key in a lot of things and this is one. You need to take care of your ear lobes, they are a part of your body and they do have nerves in them. You can hurt yourself or cause damage if you stretch too big and too fast. Always wait at least 2 months minimum between sizes as well. You need to give your ears time to heal. Take care of your ear lobes, we cannot stress this enough! Read, read, read. Read as much information as possible from reputable sources. You can go asks your local tattoo and piercing studio if you would like. And lastly? Have fun! There are so many jewelry choices! The possibilities are endless.


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