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Earring Preferences And Perceptions Of Tweens And Teens: A Guide For Mothers And Jewelry Sellers

Updated on April 7, 2012

Earrings preferred by tweens and teens...


Apart from the necklace, earrings are one of the most favored jewelry of tweens and teens. Tweens are the pre-teens whose age range from 9 to 12 years old while teens are those who range from 13 to 21 years old. Wearing earrings is synonymous to looking good and being attractive. And it is every girl’s dream to be admired when it comes to the looks department. Earrings also tend to enhance one’s personality.

Young as they are, tween and teen girls know the value of wearing bling. Even boys take to the practice of wearing them particularly earrings.

As a teacher of young girls who belong to the tween and teen sets, I observe that most of them come to school wearing earrings. Every year, there are different batches of this group but certainly each single year, many of them like to come to school wearing a particular bling of their preference. One of the most popular choices is the earrings. This prompted me to survey which kind of earrings they prefer to use and how they view it as a bling. We, parents, may be buying them jewelry without so much taking into consideration as to what they really want. Of course, there are some exceptions particularly if your tween or teen can speak her mind and convey to you what she really wants. But for some of us who assume what they want, this survey may help you. Besides, there are really tweens and teens who can’t tell what they really prefer unless they see a particular sample or model.

And for those who are in the business of selling earrings, this may guide you with what to offer a parent with a teen or tween.

So here are the earrings preferences of tweens and teens:


1. Dangling Earrings

This accounts for 51% of responses from the girls I surveyed. It is not so surprising that tween and teen girls prefer dangling earrings. At their young age, they are easily stimulated by what their eyes perceive, especially if they are big and have different colors. Adults may perceive that dangling earrings are not appropriate to tweens and teens, but we have to consider their choices. The kind of dangling earrings that tweens and teens may wear can be made appropriate to them if they are made simple in terms of design and pattern. Small dangling earrings with vibrant colors suit them better.

I followed it up with a question on why they prefer dangling earrings. They said these kinds of earrings are nice to look at and are simply beautiful. They also like the feeling of having earrings that “hang” in their ears.

2. Clip-on Earrings

Seventeen percent (17%) of the tweens and teens prefer clip-on earrings. Since some of them have non-pierced ears, it enables them to wear earrings that simply pinch into their earlobes. One has to be cautious, though, in letting tweens wear this because they are quite physically active so there is a greater tendency for the earrings to fall off their ears.


3. Hoop Earrings

Thirteen percent (13%) of the tweens and teen prefer hoop earrings. These are circular or semi-circular earrings that resemble a ring. Like the dangling earrings, they find this particular bling very nice to wear. Besides, they say they often see this kind being worn by their favorite celebrities. This only goes to show that they are easily stimulated by what they see in their environment.


4. Magnetic Earrings

This accounts for 8% of the earrings preferences of tweens and teens. These are more popular to those without pierced ears. Magnetic earrings use magnetic force to hold them in place in the ear lobes. The earrings are attached to the earlobes through a magnetic back and the end of the earrings with the same magnetic force.

5. Stud Earrings

Although adults may likely perceive stud earrings as the most appropriate to tweens and young teens, it only accounts for 6% of their preferences. These earrings are the kind we wear through the pierced earlobe and secured by a lock or screw at the back, thus making them the most secured bling to wear.

Another thing that may have contributed to the low preferences of tweens and teens to stud earrings is that their parents have let them wear these since they were young, In other words, they may have gotten tired of stud earrings since it is most probably their first earrings.

6. Stick-on Earrings

Contrary to the popular belief that stick-on earrings are the most popular among tweens because of their colorful and different designs, they account for only 5% of their earrings preferences. There earrings may also be one of the most appropriate to their age since they are the cheapest and are made of vibrant colors. They stay on the earlobe through their adhesive backs.


>>> Fifty-four percent (54%) of tweens and teens like to wear silver earrings. A lesser percentage of 41% prefer gold earrings while fancy earrings are the least popular in terms of the kind of earrings they like.

>>> Eighty percent (80%) of tweens and teens love wearing earrings and the remaining 20% do not. However, those who are not fond of wearing them occasionally wear them if they like a particular pair. Since they are still in their tween and teen years, this perception may still change. Besides, most of those who don’t like to wear earrings still have sensitive earlobes. Their earlobes become irritated, itchy or sore.

>>> Only 28% of tweens and teens imitate their favorite celebrities when it comes to wearing earrings. An overwhelming 72% do not emulate other people in their bling styles. They said they have their own preferences and they do not need to look at other people for earrings inspiration. For tweens and teens who look up to others for style inspiration, they understandably prefer to emulate celebrities of their own age.

>>> As to the frequency of wearing earrings, 51% wear theirs every day. Those who sometimes wear them are at 34%. Only 14% wear theirs during an occasion or gathering.

>>> Asked if they also wear the earrings of their mother or sister, 88% said they don’t because they have their own pair of earrings. The other 12% said they sometimes wear their mother’s or sister’s earrings. They do it for variety or simply because they fancy wearing the bling of their mother or sister.

>>> Majority or 45% of the tweens and teens I asked have at least two pairs of earrings. Twenty-nine percent (29%) own three or more pairs while those who only own a pair are at the 22% range. Some 4% of tweens and early teens do not own a single pair. Those who have nothing are a matter of choice and affordability as some of them said.

>>> Their mothers or sisters are the ones who buy earrings for 89% of the tweens and teens surveyed. Eleven percent (11%) say that they are the ones who buy their own pair. This is significant because mothers should be knowledgeable as to what their tween or teen wants before they buy anything for them.

>>> When asked about what kind of jewelry tweens and teens prefer to wear, more than half or 56% prefer to wear a pair of earrings. Necklace comes second with 17% preference followed by bracelet with 15% preference. Some others prefer to wear nothing but wristwatch only. This accounts for 12% of their preference.

>>> We know for a fact that a tween’s earlobes are still sensitive. When we wear earrings, especially fake ones, the earlobes get irritated. So the tendency is for them to scratch the lobes which may lead to infection and in some cases wounds. Among those who were asked, 68% said that their earlobes are not irritated by any kind of jewelry pierced in the earlobes. Thirty-two percent (32%) say that they get irritated. What they usually do is to apply baby oil, or ointment that will soothe the itchiness. Earrings use is discontinued until such time the lobes are already healed.

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