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Earring Stands for Girls

Updated on July 7, 2011

Earring Stands for Girls

Earring stands for girls are perfect for keeping all those errant earrings in check.

You know how it is, you start with one pair of earrings, turn your back for 5 minutes and somehow that one pair has multiplied into 100 pairs, which makes keeping track of them all distinctly difficult.

Keep them in a drawer or jewelry box and they get tangled or mixed together making it hard to find the perfect pair for what you're wearing - the pair you know is in there somewhere.

Wouldn't it be great to have some way of keeping them all in order, and all immediately visible?

Well, with one of these fantastic earring stands, you can do just that.



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Earring Display Stand- Trapezoid - Black Metal Wire - 13" x 16" by EchoMerx
Earring Display Stand- Trapezoid - Black Metal Wire - 13" x 16" by EchoMerx

Chic and Cheerful Earring Stands

 One of the great things about earring stands, and other types of jewelry stands such as mannequin necklace holders, is that they can look just as good without jewelry on them as they do completely bedecked.

With so many styles to choose from one of the big questions to ask yourself is what you want from your stand (apart from the being able to keep earrings on it of course).

Are you looking for something that can hold 100 pairs, something fun and funky for your dressing table, or something in between?

Fun and Funky Earring Stands

 Your earrings probably reflect your personality, so the stand you put them on should also say something about you, and these stands say fun.

Elegant Earring Stands

Elegance can be a hard to achieve quality, but when you have it, it speak volumes - and these elegant earring stands certainly have it.

Earring Stands for Many Pairs

Sometimes what you need is something capable of holding multiple pairs of earrings - up to 100 or more.

However it doesn't follow that just because something has to be very functional, it can't look good too.


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