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Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Updated on February 23, 2013

Surely you have heard the old saying “you are what you eat” but most people either do not believe or choose to ignore it and think that somehow eating fast food and highly processed packaged foods will not affect them. Aside from the obvious results of eating badly, the lack of energy and excess weight, there are other ways making bad food choices can impact you. Sallow, dull skin, break outs, blemishes and even dry, brittle hair can be traced back to the foods we choose to eat on a daily basis.

The fast-food and food manufacturing industries are under pressure to improve their food offerings because so much attention has been brought to the way they process their foods. Many companies have introduced healthier options to their menus, or changed ingredients, such as removing trans fats, to changing the wording on their labels to give the appearance that their foods are more healthy. No matter what, homemade foods instead of processed foods are always better and healthier. You actually know what is in your food. Every so often you hear of processed food recalls or worse scandals, for example, broken glass, bits of metal or even the horsemeat scandal that is growing in Europe. It is worth the time and effort to prepare a good meal at home and take it along with you as often as possible. It may take some effort and planning but it is worth it.

Everyone has made burgers and french fries at home. Have you ever noticed how what you prepare at home never tastes like the same item from a fast food shop? Homemade french fries never taste the same as from a fast-food restaurant, and worse, the caloric count of the fast food fries can be twice that of homemade fries. The same thing happens with burgers and sandwiches. It is not because the portion size is different either. Fast food is more fattening because of the way it is processed. The foods are manipulated with preservatives, additives, different oils and prepared with different cooking techniques. The end result is something very different from what you might be able to make on your own. These foods generally less nutritional value and many times when you eat these foods you may feel full, but in a short time you are hungry again. When you eat poorly, your body becomes starved for nutrients, instead it was loaded with additives, sugars, preservatives, fats and chemicals. Eating the wrong foods means your body, skin and hair pay the price for those bad decisions.

When people start to notice their looks are fading or their skin starts changing, they immediately run out and spend money on potions, lotions and even prescription drugs when they develop problems with their skin and hair. Billions of dollars are spent on products and makeup each year that promise to refresh and revive skin and make hair shiny, bouncy and strong. If we made better food choices, a lot of premature aging and other skin conditions would be delayed or avoided. Instead, so much time, money and energy is wasted on products to help the appearance of skin.

If you are serious about improving your skin, you must become aware about what you are eating. At every meal, take a good look at your options before you decide on what you will eat. Making better food choices, such as whole foods, with little or no processing or preservatives, a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and plenty of water are best. Reduce your intake of fried foods and increase your intake of beans, nuts and seeds. Try to avoid or reduce the amount of the unhealthy foods, such as those with excess sugars, fats and processing. In a short time you will notice an improvement in your skin, hair and even nails. The improvement will come from the inside out. This is true and lasting change, instead of just covering the problem with skin and hair products.

You do not have to become obsessed with nutrition, you do not have to become a vegan or go gluten free (unless you have a medical condition). All that is needed is to become aware of what you are eating. Take a moment to think whether the item is the best option for your health. If you must have a fast food fix, you should try to limit it to one meal per week. There have been many studies that suggest many of the fatty fast food options have an addictive effect, so eating these types of foods should be limited or avoided altogether. Stay consistent because after a while you will lose the taste for those types of foods.

As you become aware of what you are eating, reading nutritional labels and start to take the time to prepare many of your meals, you will begin to see positive changes, your skin, hair and nails will improve, you will likely lose weight, save money and have more energy. You will find there are more reasons to make good food choices than there are reasons to eat junk food.


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