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Ebel Beluga Tonneau Swiss Jewelry Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Ebel Beluga Tonneau

Ebel Beluga Tonneau take some stylistic liberties not seen in Ebel Beluga. The dials receive a guilloche, and sometimes display real numerals instead of diamonds; more importantly, the brand starts using color, offering some black dial versions.

Tonneau also tries simpler designs, completely without diamonds or other gems, resulting in a stricter, stronger, and more characteristic look. The major stylistic change, however, remains the use of the classic tonneau shape.

All watches encase quartz movements, with only a rare model (alligator strap) including an additional seconds hand subdial at six o'clock – the standard consists of only the hours and minutes hands. This is a still a design rather than movement oriented collection.

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Ebel Beluga Tonneau DiamondsEbel Beluga Tonneau SteelEbel Beluga Tonneau GoldEbel Beluga Tonneau StrapEbel Beluga Tonneau Bracelet
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Diamonds
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Diamonds
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Steel
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Steel
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Gold
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Gold
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Strap
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Strap
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Bracelet
Ebel Beluga Tonneau Bracelet


Tonneau Mini watches alternate metals, dial color and design, as well as the use (or non-use) of diamonds, offering varietal richness within a generally focused collection.

Dial aesthetics shift towards more artistic and fashionable manifestations, and present an alternative to the luxurious diamond-only models.

Particularly curious are the “hypnotic” Arabic numerals, laying languorously on an inner painted frame – the allusion to arabesques is inescapable, and inspiring.


Beluga Tonneau Lady takes a more careful approach: there are no black dials, or elaborate bejeweling, where two twin lines of very small diamonds curve around the case. Instead, the bigger models go for a solid metal-only look, or one line of diamonds.

The timepieces look more impressive (in terms of seriousness versus playfulness) with the alligator strap. Additionally, the sunbirst guilloche gets more space, and plays a more prominent role in determining the character of the watch.

Tonneau and classic Beluga have one important common component: the bracelet. It's exactly the same design – a row of smooth streamlined bricks framed by two thin lines of smaller ones.

The wavy lines that integrate the dials, as if swallowing them, also recur, though they are softer in the tonneau collection. Overall, despite the differences, these are two branches of a single collection, each branch embodying a different but kin aesthetic idea.


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