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Ebel Brasilia Ladies Jewelry Swiss Watch Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Brasilia, Ebel Design

Ebel Brasilia Ladies and Brasilia Gents watches use the rectangle for the geometrical shape of the cases. Only the vertical lines follow the original form: horizontally Brasilia watches progress by curves and twists, producing exotic lines and combinations.

This perpendicular linear interaction reflects the interaction between the male and female elements, as it was professed by the company founders.

Brasilia designs begin to reveal the brand's fascination with architecture. The rectangular shape simultaneously reminds of doors, windows, and even, symbolically, entire buildings (in which case the diamonds may play the role of windows).

Perhaps the capacity of rectangles to convey architectural motifs – one of the main goals of Ebel philosophy – is the reason why Brasilia offers so many variations – much more than Beluga and Beluga Tonneau combined.

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Ebel Brasilia Ladies GemsEbel Brasilia Ladies DiamondsEbel Brasilia Ladies Diamonds StrapEbel Brasilia Ladies GoldEbel Brasilia Ladies SteelEbel Brasilia Ladies Two Tone
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Gems
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Gems
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Diamonds
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Diamonds
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Diamonds Strap
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Diamonds Strap
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Gold
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Gold
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Steel
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Steel
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Two Tone
Ebel Brasilia Ladies Two Tone


Brasilia Ladies offers an endless play on metals and diamonds. It's with or without, yellow or rose gold, two-tone or regular; watches made entirely of stainless steel form a separate sub collection. Fashion and Haute Joaillerie lines begin to incorporate rarer materials. Dials become a visual playground where pieces of metal, diamonds, and Roman numerals may all perform the indexing function; colors usually include traditional black and white.

Mini and Lady

Brasilia Mini and Lady offer a set of very similar watches, whose main difference lies in their size. Some Lady watches come with deep red dials – a truly spectacular sight on the Ebel website, usually so calm and quiet. The combination of deep red with cool stainless steel is no less than intoxicating – there's something of a “wine in a glass” vision in this variation.


Brasilia Ladies Fashion stirs the design with such materials as ceramics, mother-of-pearl, rubber, alligator skin, and python skin, enlivening the dials and the straps with new textures and colors. While white and black ceramics covering the faces of the watches may not look as impressive, the bright orange or brown of the straps injects them with unmistakable vivaciousness.


Brasilia Ladies introduces advanced technology with the Chronograph model. The chronographs load the dials with three subdials, doing it with bold style, side-stepping possible pitfalls. There are two variations, with or without diamonds.

Haute Joaillerie

This is where brand designer really let themselves run wild. Let's skip the "usual" paved and semi-paved variations – it's the gemstone watches that make Brasilia Haute Joaillerie special. These pieces brim with childlike playfulness and character while gems of various colors (red, blue, orange) create botanical or alphabetic motifs, essentially turning the watches into little precious flowers, stars, or even notes. The ease with which Ebel veer towards these seemingly radical designs asserts the brand's artistic and creative spirit.


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