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Eco Clothing is Not Only For Granola Knitting Hippies

Updated on January 19, 2016

Do you ever think about where your clothing came from? Do you know whether your clothes are literally costing the earth? You might think that eco clothing is something for bag-lady eco-warriors and woolly hippies but this could not be further from the truth. You might think that fashion and eco-concerns are worlds apart but this is wrong. Eco clothing can be really on-trend. It is simply a response to the problems in the industry and the great news is that the more of us who make the switch to eco-friendly clothing, the more the prices of these items will come down and the more affordable they will become. Here are five reasons why you should think about eco fashion too:

Natural Fibre Clothing is Comfortable & Can Be Stylish

One problem with synthetic materials is that they do not breathe. This can be comfortable and can lead to all sorts of problems in the longer term. Clothing made from cotton, hemp, wool, silk and other natural materials can be extremely comfortable and can be really stylish too, especially if you check out some of the contemporary clothing ranges from up and coming eco designers.

Eco Clothing is Not As Dependent on Fossil Fuel

Fast fashion is unfortunately heavily dependent on polluting fossil fuels, both in making the 'plastic' clothing and in distribution and other elements of the industry. It is the ultimate in non-sustainable practice. One day, we will no longer be able to rely on fuels that will one day run out. Then everyone will have to switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, whether they like it or not. Stay ahead of the curve by buying eco fashion today.

Eco Clothing is Healthier for Your Body As Well As the Plane

Most of us are unaware of the processes and chemicals that have gone into the clothes we wear. But scientific evidence has shown that what we wear can have a big negative impact on our health. Wearing organic, eco clothing is better for your own physical health as well as for the planet as a whole.

Eco Clothing Takes People Care Into Account

Choosing eco clothing simply says that you care about other people. Ethical eco clothing takes people into account, both in the broadest sense and in the actual production of your clothing. Ask yourself: who had to suffer for your clothes to be made? People matter. Taking care of our planet is also taking care of each other which, at the end of the day, all of us should want to do.

Great Designers Are Turning To Sustainable, Eco Clothing

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the fashion industry will know that eco clothing is hot right now. Great designers old and new are turning their attention to supply chains and thinking about the cost of their clothing in more than just monetary terms. From chic eco-luxe to affordable highstreet eco fashion, those who do want to make the switch to eco clothing have more choice than ever.

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ASOS Green Room

Stella McCartney


Blue Q

Lost Property of London

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E.A. Burns

People Tree


Ethical & Eco Fashion Shopping Tips

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