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Eco Friendly Engagement Rings

Updated on July 26, 2017

All About Green Engagement Rings

It wasn't until the recent marriage of one of my best friends that I really became aware of and privy to the emerging trend of eco-friendly engagement rings. Environmentally conscious, to the core, all throughout our college days, my friend specifically sought out this type of engagement ring. Admittedly, up until her marriage, I never really even considered the possibility of an engagement ring such as this. Though I do not personally own one, my ensuing research displayed what appeared to be a serious trend of very elegant, yet environmentally sound, engagement rings.

I quickly found that these engagement rings were very beautiful, indeed. In fact, I am convinced that many people unintentionally overlook these sort of rings, as feasible options, simply because they are not familiar with them.

You've probably noticed how big the 'green' movement is these days. Like my friend, the fact is that many people worldwide are becoming conscious consumers, gradually more aware of the world around us and how our production and lifestyle affects the planet. If you're getting married, eco-friendly engagement rings are an interesting option. Environmentally friendly engagement rings are a great way to celebrate your love while being a good steward of the planet we all share.

This article is all about eco-friendly engagement rings and will cover some topics on the subject such as where to find them and what materials to look for. Eco-friendly engagement rings are becoming more popular, and a lot of jewelry producers are using that tag. It's definitely helpful to find out what truly constitutes an environmentally friendly engagement ring, and how to be a smart consumer when making this big purchase.

Let's get on with it and learn a bit more about the environmentally friendly engagement rings you can find out there!


Gold and Precious Metals

One of the most important considerations you can make when considering an environmentally friendly engagement ring is finding out where the gold for your ring was sourced. Most jewelry stores these days will have a detailed record of where they got their gold from, so you can simply inquire to get an account. Eco friendly engagement rings should contain gold that was mined in a 'green' way.

Mining is a difficult process, and can involve huge environmental damage. Mine failings can be absolutely devastating for local water tables, and without a proper mining process and cleanup, they can leave an ecosystem in shambles. Mines themselves, especially open pit strip-style mines, are ugly eyesores, and not all mining companies will dedicate themselves to putting nature back the way it once was. Mining equipment and vehicles use fossil fuels which can leak and damage the area. Good practices for mining operations include clean-up processes after the mine is spent, and during the operation.

Eco friendly gold can also encompass fair trade practices that are good for the workers and their families too. Make sure to find out which mines and countries your gold comes from when you're looking for your environmentally friendly engagement rings.

Diamond Origins

The next important thing with your environmentally friendly engagement ring is the stone itself. Diamond mines tend to be a little less difficult on the environment, but they can still cause a great deal of damage. You can track most diamonds and their origins quite easily by checking out the laser-etched serial number and country and producer of origin on the stone. A jeweler will easily be able to find this information for you by inspecting the stone.

A lot of human suffering goes into the production of natural diamonds, so be careful with your environmentally friendly engagement ring to pick a country and company that produces ethical stones. This way you can be certain that no one had to suffer for your lovely ring. Knowing and understanding the suffering behind the production of other types of rings have driven many to seek out these types of ethically sound engagement rings.

Again, many companies will use the trendiness of 'eco friendly' and 'ethical' catch phrases, so make sure that they can back up their marketing rhetoric with real facts. Ask a lot of questions and put them on the spot!

Some Tips!

Here are some tips to help you find an environmentally friendly engagement ring for your sweetheart!

1.) Buy from a reputable dealer

If you buy your eco friendly engagement ring from a reputable dealer, you'll know that your ring is ethically and ecologically sourced. Larger companies tend to have better records and accounting of these sorts of things. Be sure to ask lots of questions, and if the salesperson seems ambiguous, be careful! Chances are they don't know or cannot confirm the answer to your question! Seeking out a reputable dealer will be your first step to finding a great green engagement ring that your special someone will absolutely love.

2.) Buy Vintage or Antique Engagement Rings

A great way to make sure that you are looking at eco friendly engagement rings is simply to look for vintage, antique engagement rings! They are second-hand, sure, but there is something especially romantic about presenting a ring that is older than either of you. The great thing about antique engagement rings is that they are already produced. You aren't helping to create a larger carbon footprint or damaging environmental impact, because you're essentially recycling. Plus they really knew how to make a classy looking ring back then. Check it out! You can typically find vintage or antique engagement rings fairly simply by paying close attention at everywhere from yard or garage sales or, of course, antique stores.

3.) Buy Locally!

If you buy from your local market, you're lessening the carbon impact on the planet by reducing shipping costs. Plus you have the bonus of supporting your local economy. Most countries have some natural resources, so look around for local producers of environmentally friendly engagement rings. You might be surprised at what you find!

Good Luck!

Though beautiful and elegant, with a hint of special character, do be sure to consult your significant other prior to purchasing a ring such as this. Surprises are always a great thing, however, generally engagement rings are picked as a result of mutual agreement after, oftentimes, several trips to several different jewelers and ring dealers. Do be sure that your significant other is well aware of your intentions, and is on board with the idea herself. As with any gift or idea that is outside the norm of what many are accustomed to, you cannot go wrong if you simply run the idea for this type of ring by her, first.

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    • RunAbstract profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Nice Hub!

    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      Hi diymommy. This is interesting food for thought.

      I have a 'green' wedding ring, but it wasn't deliberate. When we married, I used a second-hand ring and our plan was to replace it later. It is still on my finger decades later. Sometimes I wonder if it is a lucky ring. I've certainly been lucky in my marriage. I couldn't part with it now. :)


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