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Ecotools: Affordable and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Updated on July 16, 2011

A girl can never get enough of a good set of makeup brushes. So I've been searching around recently for brushes that are functional with a good quality and yet affordable. The best ones I found in relation to price/quality are from the Ecotools brand.

The Company

Ecotools is a company focused on the environment. They have a line of affordable and eco-friendly makeup brushes of good quality.

Some of their worries concerning the environment:

  • The brushes are made from recycled and sustainable materials which provides a low environment impact and attractiveness.
  • Bamboo Handles which makes them extremely light
  • The ferule is also ecologically thoughtful, being made from recycled aluminum.
  • The brushes come packaged in a reusable and bio-degradable sleeve
  • Cruelty-Free Bristles
  • 1% of Sales donated to environmental organizations

The Brushes

Recently they added two new products to their line. One of them is a six piece eye brush set packaged in a small traveling case that will fit into your purse easily. It also comes with a mirror, which is very convenient. The other one is a Bamboo Bronzer Brush.


The 6 Piece Eye Brush Set has everything you need to create the perfect eye shadow look because they have a good variety of eye brushes.

This set contains a:

  • Large Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Crease Brush
  • Petite Eye Shading Brush
  • Domed Highlighting Brush

  • Smudge Brush 

Each brush is printed with its name to ensure proper usage with every application.

When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the size. They are truly small. I knew they were going to be travel size, but these brushes seem really mini! However, being so small doesn’t affect their performance at all because they continue being extremely useful.

The synthetic taklon bristles apply makeup in such a soft way, it feels really good on your skin and they are really lasting. Most cheap brushes tend to lose a few hairs  while they are new, but these are different. They are of an extreme good quality and work perfectly. In my point of view, they work as well as the ones from MAC and are way more accessible.

Now I’ll give you a close up of every individual brushes:


Large Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is supposed to be used for applying and blending eye shadow.

It is huge and fluffy. Picks up more products during application than the regular ones and it fits perfectly to my lid to add a wash of color very quickly.

Angled Crease Brush

The angled crease brush is quite a bit larger than the other angled eye shadow brushes out there. So it's a little too big for the crease area but that's OK, it has a lot of other uses. It can be used for highlight or to apply a contouring color from the eyebrow to the nose.

Petite Eye Shading Brush

This one is very similar to MAC 228  Mini Shader.

It's good to apply the eye shadow to the inner and outer corners of the eye because is very specific. It is also good to define a smaller crease adding some bold color.

Domed Highlighting Brush

It’s perfect for blending the color.

The size really helps the blending becoming quicker and efficient .

This one is similar to MAC 224 SE Tapered Blending Brush.

Smudge Brush

This smudge brush is really soft to work like the MAC 219 pencil brush.


It's fascinating how this brush applies dark eye shadows close to the lash line and it's great for smudging eyeliner out for a smoky look.

Bamboo Bronzer Brush

It costs only $9.99 and it's amazing! It's affordable, with dense, super-soft bristles which don't lose any hairs at all and it's so soft.

The bristles of the brush are firmly packed at the bottom, and is quite compact. it picks up the color easily and deposits it nicely onto the skin.

It's great for pressed or loose powder, buffing bronzer, and even liquid foundation.

I particularly use it to apply my powder, bronzer and to add some blush to my checks. It works really well.

Some Videos

On youtube we can find a couple of videos that demonstrate how to use the new brushes. These videos are helpful. It can give us tips of how to use the brushes.

I’ll put down here 2 of those videos.

The first shows us how to create a smoky eye using the six piece brush set. The second shows how to do makeup touch ups using the again the set. 


In my opinion the Ecotools brushes are high-quality and really affordable. They represent those nice quality make-up tools we don't have to spend much money on to be satisfied.  I definitely recommend it!


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