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Where to Find the Best Deals on an Egyptian Necklace

Updated on November 22, 2010
Egyptian Pyramid
Egyptian Pyramid

Egyptian culture has been popular ever since anyone can remember and trendy Egyptian jewelery is becoming more popular than ever. Very recently Kanye West has been seen wearing a huge Egyptian Necklace and pyramid ring made of gold that reportedly cost $300,000. But it doesn't take a ton of money or celebrity status to wear Egyptian themed jewelery.

Many types of Egyptian necklaces are available online and fit pretty much any budget. In the Egyptian culture, gold was always worn by pharaohs and royalty and they were buried in their gold jewelry so that they may have it in the afterlife. Likewise, gold Egyptian necklaces are very popular, whether gold in color or real gold just like the pharaohs. Both are flashy and sure to turn heads.  Gold necklaces feature Egyptian staples like pyramids or king tut's mask and even a sphinx or hieroglyphics.

24k Gold Egyptian Necklaces

Another very popular type of Egyptian Necklace is the Egyptian Ankh. This is the hieroglyphic for life and immortality and is well liked by many. It is said that the wearer of the ankh will have a long and prosperous life. If you want a more personalized touch you may want to get an Egyptian cartouche necklace. These can be personalized to say anything from your name to sister or brother, all in hieroglyphics and come in both silver and gold to match your individual style. Many of the Egyptian necklaces you can purchase might only be a pendant to which you will need to add a chain in order to have the full necklace but this gives you the choice of which type of chain you would like and the length that suits you best.


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