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El Naturalista - Buyers Guide

Updated on April 16, 2012

El Naturalista originated in Rioja, Spain which is a location famous for its shoemaking. The brand has a rich 30 year history taking inspiration for the materials, colours and designs from nature. All products are environmentally friendly and meet the most demanding industry rules and regulations. The frog symbolises the ecosystem, agility, energy and adaptability, all shoes are made by recycled materials, natural leathers and textiles resulting in high quality footwear at affordable prices. Innovative features include lavender scented cork for the wedge sandals. Natural die cut leather and comfortable and durable low heels. The linen used in the manufacture of boots is 100% cotton, individually dyed by hand to give a two tone effect. The sandals collection features footwear that is totally breathable and include anatomical soles. The Recyclus shoe in Eco Leather is an eco-friendly shoe with specialised durability and breathability characteristics which feature mineral tanning which is applied in the manufacturing process.

Some of our favourite designs include the N433 Wakataua sandal. Wakataua is a design that has been inspired by people who embrace life as they walk and dreams of a better world. This design in particular includes vegetable-tanned leather which has been churned with ground tree bark and river stones for weeks resulting in protection from dirt, water and daily wear and tear. We also love theN095 Yggdrasil shoe which is a casual Mary Jane style product featuring anti shock system, breathable insole, natural rubber, veg-tan leather uppers and comfort last. Our final favourite is the N139 Yggdrasil in Rioja/Tibet which is a clog style shoe which features traditional El Naturalista colours such as muted greens, blues and earth colours.


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