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Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal

Updated on February 27, 2010

Whether you're a woman or a man, you may have embarrassing growth of hair where you least want it. If you do, you're most definitely not the only one as up to 9 out of ten of all women and even a fewmen are affected by this old time curse that is sometimes blamed on a mixture of heredity and hormones. I have this one long, coarse hair that grows on my temple. It's really weird!

For women, some of the most unfortunate areas where undesired hair growth happens are the face, underarms, legs, bikini line and breasts. Some men require assistance with an extremely hairy chest, neck and back. I should know about that. When I go to the beach small children run away screaming because they think a bear has ventured by the shoreline!

There are various ways to remove hair, such as tweezing them out (OUCH) or shaving. However, there are a variety of options that can be implemented at the home over and above shaving and tweezing, such as utilizing a depilatory cream or a hardened wax. The main problems with these methods is that they can be very hard on sensitive skin, causing rashes and welts. Furthermore the efficacy of these methods is rather limited on the time scale, as within just a week or two the hair will be back in all its glory.

The acknowledged most effective way to get rid of this unwanted hair requires energy, of the laser or electrical variety. These methods have been proven to be far more effective although even with the most advanced techniques, there are cycles of different durations which hair grows in, thus even the most zapped follicles can awaken out of their dormant stage and sprout out a new crop in months, and sometimes years later.

Either way, something you should remember: Hair grows, it sheds and then replaces itself in varying cycle lengths. Latent follicles can sprout weeks, months, or even years, later.

Electrolysis is a process which was invented nearly one and a half centuries ago and it uses a very low-level electrical current to zap those nasty hair follicles, one at a time. A sterile needle like probe is inserted by the follicle, an shock of electrical current is generated and the hair is therefore loosened to a point where it can be very easily removed. This is not without any effect whatsoever on the skin, as there are often cases where there is a minor amount of swelling or reddening of the skin in the area, and even small scabs, although these rarely form long lasting scars.

Lasers were first approved for the process of hair removal over fifty years ago and some forms of intense devices which incorporate pulsed light, and are often referred to as laser equivalents, use light energy and the resultant heat to zap hair follicles. Lasers are generally applied in the treatment of larger skin areas, and very interestingly can be rather ineffective on hair that is white or light blonde and also on tanned or dark skin tones. There are only two types of lasers which have been proven and approved for utilization on very dark skin.

Well, there you have it! Enjoy being hairless!


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