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Elegant Ways to Use Real Flowers as Hair Accessories

Updated on March 18, 2016

Accessories bring the liveliness and glamour in the overall look when well matched with a stylish dress or even a simple dress becomes so stylish when there are accessories of matching with that whole attire.

There are a large number of varieties which can be chosen for accessories to give the whole attire a magnificent appearance and the modern tradition of accessorize with flowers is so common.Flowers not only work wonder in a garden or in bouquet form or decorating on tables but it can do magic when used as an accessory.

There are ways in which flowers can make you look more adorable which are as follows:

Single Bloom as a Side Flowers

Women everywhere are opting to be natural rather than opting for some falsehood in their appearance. Flowers are so trendy these days even a single bloom can do wonder. Even bridals want to give themselves a natural look by using flowers in their hair.

Accessorize hair with flowers can be in so tremendous ways. Pin a flower on the side of the ear or from the back of the ear give so elegant and a retro look also which is the desire of many girls to look like.

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Gorgeous Flowers Hair Comb

If someone wants to give their look an intricacy than using a single bloom only but don’t want to choose a crown for their head. So, go with the option of Flower hair comb. A flower balancing with a veil of comb gives a gorgeous look.

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Floral Headband

Charismatic! A round band with a wreath of flowers on a single strip as a headband works best as accessories on the very special occasions. It can be worn on the forehead as well and can be well matched with the dresses of the colors of floral headband.

Best thing about this headband is you won’t feel an urge to comb your hair or make any hairstyle. Just wear this band on your head and experience a classy look!

Confused!!! How to make Floral Headband? Here is video for How to make Floral Headband at home.

How to Make Floral Headband

Flowers in Braid

Braid look is so popular among girls and easy to make and looks so elegant also. Now, this is the time when a braid can be experimented with some more innovative ideas.

So, why not try to make a braid by using flowers. A streak is made with flowers and then putting it in hair while making braid or can be twisted by keeping it in hair and then forming a braid.

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Flowers atop Hairdo

This is the look which can do wonders if managed in a correct manner. Only some flowers are needed to place up do your high ponytail to make it look gorgeous.

For this, you will need a pin to fix it properly in your hair and give you a glamorous look ever.

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Flowers in Messy hair

When hair are in the condition that sometimes we don’t want to touch them and look messy as well and though willing to look beautiful.

So, a great idea! Just bring some flowers of your choice and can be trimmed easily with the help of trimmer or a scissor, then place on the corner of your head in your messy hair.

You can put some trimmed flowers in your messy curls as well to give yourself a spanking new look.

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Sweet Look Using Flowers

Any simple hairstyle can make you look more pretty and stylish just by using flowers. As a flower seems good and can make anyone feel fresh instantly too.

Thus, when planning to go outside in the parties just keep a simple hairstyle and wear flower in any which ways. It would definitely give you a cuter look.

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Elegant Floral Crown

A crown made with the help of beautiful and multi-colored flowers looks so fashionable. Even a newly married opts for this option to give their look a different style after their marriage whenever they go out for tour.You can wear Floral crown in Theme party to give Elegant Look.

You can Make Floral Crown at home. No ideas about that!! Get ideas of how to make Floral Crown at home from below video.

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How to Make Floral Crown

Hair Style Using Baby’s Breath

Wearing a headband, with small and trimmed flowers like a baby’s breathe over the head.

This will surely give you a sweeter look and would probably look heavy in weigh to others but in real it is so light weighed and so sensational even without if not combed well too.

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Gorgeous Flowers around a Ballerina Bun

This is one of the neatest and a quickest way to give your hair a model look. It can be tied in either way whether tie on the top of your head or tie down to neck.

To give it a more classy and beautiful look, some tiny trimmed flowers can do wonder when tied around the ballerina bun. To make it in a more orderly manner use some bobby pins for neat and clean look.

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Braided Ponytail with Flowers

A braided ponytail is so common up till now. This is the hairstyle which can be worn with any dress you carry. It looks so elegant when it is worn in several important functions even if it is your own as well.

Wow! Everyone feels like this when you step outside with flowers weaved in a braid. Even a side ponytail works magical when weaved with flowers. Even a single flower in a braid appears so graceful to the onlookers.

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Lovely Lilac Flower Garlands

Blue color has always been favorite of many girls as it sounds so natural by sky and water too. These days Lilac flowers are in. Every girl has a dream to look different from others. There are tremendous days for a girl in which she can differentiate herself from any other girl.

Every girl can adore herself by using lilac flowers in form of a garland atop your hair. The garland if it is made with real flowers sounds too good.

Isn’t it? It gives a sense of freshness to you or anyone who is in your contact as well.Flowers Help to give you Stunning Look.

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