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Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil

Updated on May 31, 2011

The Beckhams have got the magic touch and everything they lend their name to is sure to fly off the shelf so it comes as no surprise that the second Victoria Beckham tweeted about a stretch mark lotion, it immediately became one of the most demanded for items among pregnant women everywhere.

The lotion is Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil and while there is no concrete proof that it actually eliminates stretch marks, Victoria Beckham swears by it. Posh Spice strongly believes in the Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil she wrote the following tweet to her followers: “Pregnancy tip!!! I have used this through every pregnancy, it’s amazing!! VB”. She then linked the tweet to a bottle of Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil.

Victoria Beckham, who is pregnant with her fourth child reportedly, did not get paid for her endorsement. The company that makes the product said it has sent Beckham free bottles of Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil during each pregnancy. The fact that she seemingly mentioned the product without any financial compensation from the makers has added credibility to her endorsement.

Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil contains prunus amygdalus oil or sweet almond oil, camellia kissi seed oil, fragrance, tocopherol, dipentene or D-limonene, linalool, citral and eugenol. The makers claim that the nourishing lotion works to increase vitality, suppleness and health. They say Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil has been used for centuries to care for hair, the scalp, nails and combination skin. The company adds that the oil’s soft texture melts into the skin to supply immediate comfort and hydration. Expectant mothers can use it on their growing bellies to prevent stretch marks and soothe itchiness.

The Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil weighs approximately 3.5 ounces and is available in a beautiful dark red bottle with a uniquely shaped silver top. Its users say it smells delightful and lasts a long time – with very little going a long way.

Victoria Beckham Recommends Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil For Stretch Mark Prevention And Removal

A heavily pregnant Victoria Beckham confesses to using Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil during every one of her pregnancy
A heavily pregnant Victoria Beckham confesses to using Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil during every one of her pregnancy
A bottle of Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil
A bottle of Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil


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