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Emerald Precious Gemstone

Updated on October 22, 2011

Nature has created so many beautiful things around us that it is impossible for us to actually completely ponder over all these beautiful things. Beauty is in abundance right form our Earth to the vastness of the universe. Of all these beautiful things, one thing beautiful creation is a gemstone.

Gemstones,no matter large or small, precious or not precious, they always have some element of beauty with in them. And if we talk only about precious stones or gemstones then no doubt the lust of their possession is attached to every human being.

Of these gemstones diamond is considered to be the most precious one but there is one more gemstone that can be even more precious than a diamond and that stone is emerald. Emeralds can get so precious that some times it is hard to actually give a price tag to them.

The Gachala Emerald which weighs 858 carats and is one of the largest gems in the world.
The Gachala Emerald which weighs 858 carats and is one of the largest gems in the world.

How Do We Get Emeralds?

Emerald are a part of a naturally occurring beryl mineral family. Beryl is actually a crystalline substance which is more like a perfect substance for cutting out gemstone out a of a beryl crystal. There are actually many different types of beryl crystals out of which different gemstones are cut out like aquamarine or heliodor. Emerald is also a crystal cut out from one such form of beryl.

The unique green color imparted to an emerald crystal is due to the presence of minute amounts of chromium in it. Unlike diamond, emerald in not a very hard substance and can shatter very easily that is why emerald jewelry is to be handled very carefully.

Even goldsmiths take extra care while working with emerald as it is not very resistant to heat and stress unlike diamond.

Flaws In Emerald

Emerald is usually found in nature as a large crystalline material which is then cut into appropriate pieces of varying shape in such a manner that maximizes the value of every single piece. There is a whole lot of work that is done for this purpose however emerald are naturally known to contain flaws, no matter how much precision is carried out when cutting them.

By flaws I mean cracks or stains notably black with in the crystal much like it is in diamond. Absolutely flawless emeralds are very rare and there price value is really high. Emeralds however are traditionally known because of their flaws and many traditional people would actually a buy an emerald with some flaws which gurantees its authenticity.

The cracks in emerald can also appear in the manufacturing process of jewelry or may be in the cutting process. Despite these facts they still are of quite a value

The 4C's of Emerald

The value of a diamond or any other precious stone is determined by the famous 4C's similarly the value of emerald is also determined by these 4C's which are cut,clarity,color and carat weight. Here is a  description of how these characteristics determine the value of an emerald.


Color is actually the most important characteristic that determine how precious an emerald is. It is the unique green color of emerald which makes it worth something. An emerald with a darker green color will be more valuable however it is not the only determining factor as many other lighter emerald may be expensive than a dark colored emerald.


This characteristic is yet again a very important factor in determining the value of not just an emerald but any precious stone. Diamonds clarity can be determined quite easily as there is a universal scale available to test its clarity however there is no such scale for emerald. It requires an experts eye to determine the value of an emerald by looking into its clarity.

It is almost impossible to get a flawless emerald. The inclusions in an emerald actually make its color worth looking at however a general principal with every gemstone is the more clearer it is the more precious it gets.


In emeralds faceting,shape,width and depth determining the cut. A perfect cut emerald would be symmetrical with having uniform facets. The best shape for emerald is considered to be rectangular one as it maximizes its brilliance.

Carat Weight:

Although this characteristic is a part of the 4C's yet it is not a major, value determining factor in emerald. This because it is not necessary for a heavy emerald to be valuable than a lighter one. The color and clarity are the most significant characteristics in determining the price tag of an emerald.


2860-carat Colombian Emerald
2860-carat Colombian Emerald

Treatment of Emerald

Emerald are generally treated with oil to improve its clarity. This treatment is generally carried out as emerald contains quite a lot of flaws and cracks in them. The oils matching the refractive index of the crystal fills the crack and makes it shiny. There are other crack filing techniques that are also carried out but using oil is the oldest and the widely used method.

Smaller stones are usually of little value and are used in studded jewelry in conjunction with other precious gems. Most of the small stones are flawful so oiling them is necessary to make them look as good as other gems in a jewelry item.


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    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Hassam thank you for that great article about Emerald, I love gemstones and make jewelry as an amateur for now. The pictures are breathtaking. Lookingofrward to read more about one of my passions. Be blessed.


    • profile image

      SAMINA 7 years ago






    • hassam profile image

      hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan

      @ Kmadhav,

      Thank you for reading my hub, jewelry manufacturing is my family profession so I have inherited interest in this subject.


      Thanks to you as well for appreciating. People do believe there is some link between luck and gemstones but I am not one of them that is why I didn't mentioned this thing in my hub!

    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice hub, good pictures. Is there a link between a stone and luck?

    • Kmadhav profile image

      Kmadhav 8 years ago from New delhi

      just simly amazing hub ...hassam I liked your interest on gem and stones.....