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Emerald Earrings

Updated on June 30, 2010

Emerald Earrings are Quite Cool

Really excellent as personal investments, heirloom items, or as gifts to beloved ones, emerald earrings are so great. The emerald, a famous valuable green stone, is well-known for its flaws. Experts say that an emerald which has such flaws is sure to be real.

The emerald’s cool green color has calming or restful effects when looked at, especially while being worn to complement the brown, the blue, the orange, the yellow, or the purple garments. Green also blends with the perpetual black, as well as white. And, no matter how plain the worn clothes are, the wearer still exudes a specific elegant aura that is highly noticeable.

Hence, having this stone as earrings, in whatever kind of metal as supports, is definitely a good idea. Wearing these gives a boost of deep confidence to any user. Best paired with other emerald jewelry pieces, such earrings immensely affect any wearer’s total appearance. However, even if used solely, emerald earrings absolutely create a distinctive, attractive, and striking look.

Land a Stud With Emerald Stud Earrings

Emerald stud earrings offer both elegance and a sense of class that looks appealing matched with formal dress wear, a wedding gown or simply paired with a dress top and a pair of jeans. Whether you are a May baby or just love the color green, emerald stud earrings allow you to dress up without really dressing up. You can wear your emerald stud earrings to prom, weddings, church, work and school.

Even if you just want to feel like a princess while you sit at home in your t-shirt and sweat pants, your emerald earrings will make you feel like the Queen of England. Stud earrings featuring emeralds come in various shapes, sizes and designs with emeralds alone, or emeralds paired with other precious stones and gems like diamonds, cubic zirconium and even white and gray pearls.

Additionally, you can find emerald studs in various shapes including circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles and teardrop shapes. If you want to wear emerald earrings that do not dangle down and look overly showy, try some emerald studs.

Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings Create Beauty In Any Setting

Emerald cut diamond earrings provide the perfect look of elegant for any setting. This is the reason why they make a wonderful gift and they are well worth the price. These look amazing with a prom dress, wedding dress or jeans. They are versatile enough to look amazing when worn with a very nice gown and still blend well at the office. The beautiful soft green coloring is wonderful for bringing out the color in her eyes.

This will make her look wonderful at a photo shoot or just walking in the street. These have a way of showing people that you deserve the best and are willing to pay the price for quality. The best thing about these is that you can find out to fit any outfit that you love.

A smaller stone is great for focusing attention on your wardrobe and larger stones will attract attention to your face. These earrings are always a great idea regardless of setting and they provide a simple look of beauty.

Add Sophistication With Emerald Diamond Earrings

It really doesn't matter what else you are wearing when you wear a pair of emerald diamond earrings because these earrings speak for themselves.  Emeralds and diamonds are both stylish jewels.  They are the jewels of the rich and famous.  They give off a feeling of sophistication.  It is hard to not look good when you wear these jewelry pieces.

You can wear these earrings with almost anything. They are, of course, amazing with a formal gown.  They seem at home perched on the ears of a woman who is decked out in a stunning ball gown.  Formal wear is not the only outfit that these earrings can accessorize, though. They will dress up any outfit, so you can pair them with jeans and a nice top for a casual, yet polished look. 

Emerald diamond earrings are elegant and will give you a specific image.  If you are heading out to dinner or a formal event then consider wearing them.  You can really make yourself beam confidence and sophistication when you choose to accessorize with these earrings.

Go Green With Beautiful Emerald Drop Earrings

Whether your birthday lies in the month of May or you just love the beautiful, dark green color of the emerald gemstone, you can find emerald earrings in various shapes to match your outfits. Emerald drop earrings include one or more emeralds attached to a chain or hoop that drops or hangs down past your earlobes. This elegant design warrants use at more sophisticated events, when formal attire is necessary.

You can wear emerald drop earrings at May weddings with your white wedding dress or to match a dark green prom or bridesmaid dress. While more elegant than emerald stud earrings, emerald drop earrings may still be worn at casual events, such as to work, school or just out on dates.

The emerald stone, combined in the drop earring setting work great for formal events, but do not appear too showy and attention grabbing for everyday wear. You can find emerald drop earrings with emeralds alone, or combined with other stones and gems like pearls and cubic zirconium.


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