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Emma Watson's Organic Clothes Save Lives

Updated on November 13, 2010

Emma Watson, face of Hermoine (and face of Burberry) once claimed that she didn't want to go down the tired old line of being a child star who ends up producing fashion lines. In fact, she always said that unless the clothing produced in an Emma Watson fashion line was going to save the world in some way, she wouldn't put her name to one. (I'm paraphrasing here of course, her precise words were less grandiose, she simply said that any fashion line would have to be 'beneficial to a cause', which is a much lower, more attainable goal. I now return you to unnecessary hyperbole.)

One fashion line down and another in the works later, it turns out that Emma Watson really can save the world with clothes, or she at least thinks she can, and why not? Nobody would have predicted that a 12 year old could make millions of dollars pretending to be magical, but that worked out well for her. Perhaps Emma Watson is not subject to the same laws of reality that apply to the normal peons of the world.

After launching a line for People Tree, in which part of the proceeds of which went to support fair trade farming, she's now been approached by style icon Alberta Ferretti, who would also like to do a line with her. Emma is so in right now!

The Ferretti / Watson fashion line has yet to be named, but it is apparently going to be very 60's retro  and Jane Birkin inspired, which is so on trend right now, and also very in keeping with what appears to be Emma Watson's emerging personal style. Her sleek crop alone is very retro, but in a classically charming fashion that gives one hope for the youth of the planet. Between a good haircut and a couple of personal clothing lines, it's as if all the stars have aligned for Watson in her world saving fashion endeavors.

So what's in this for Emma? Fame? Money? A cohort of willing slaves? No. Emma has offered her services for free to anyone who is prepared to make the clothing from free trade, organic materials. How lovely to see the idealism of youth being given an outlet in this fashion. Most young, idealistic people are stuck shaving their heads and muttering at the police. Emma is in a position to make a real difference, not just in the world of fashion, but in the lives of poor people in countries around the globe.


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