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Attractive Emo Boys With Black Hair

Updated on December 24, 2011

Emo Meaning

Emo which basically means emotional is a way of expressing oneself. This culture is defined by its music, way of dressing, hairstyles and the way one expresses himself. This is a kind of lifestyle that enables you to feel and be in touch with your inner self. It is a lifestyle that has been adopted by many boys. Emo boys with black hair are quite common today.

These youngsters are usually very hot and sensitive. They are usually more in touch with their emotions compared to other guys. This might explain why so many girls are usually crazy about them. The music that they enjoy is emotional music that is close to rock and punk. This music has strong emotions and feelings. Through their music, they are able to make their feelings known to those around them.

Emo Dress Code

The youngsters also express themselves through their unique way of dressing. Their dressing is also sexy and unique. It is usually characterized by tight fitting pants, small t-shirts and small sweaters. This kind of dressing also makes them stand out from the crowd.

These youngsters also express themselves through their hairstyles. They have unique hairstyles that make them stand out from the rest. They adorn hairstyles that are creative, attractive, interesting and sexy. These hairstyles usually change very fast. Currently, most of the hot Emo boys usually dye their hairs black.

Black Emo Hairstyles

Others have black hairs that are randomly splurged with brightly colored highlights. They have various hairstyles including styles that have long hair in front and spikes at the back. Others have haircuts that have different color backgrounds and asymmetrical lines. There are also long side swept bangs that sometime cover one eye or both. Choppy, short hairstyles are also common.

It is possible for any boy to acquire this sexy look without a lot of effort. The first step is to search through different photographs of these lads to identify the style you would like to adopt. After identifying the style, you can go to your stylist. Most stylists can be able to give you the look you desire using the various tools available at the salon.

You could also do it at home using the chosen photograph, pair of scissors, razor and dye among other items. If you are creative and imaginative you can easily achieve this look. It could also turn out to be so much fun. On top of this, you end up looking more attractive and sexier and people especially the girls will really admire you. This hairstyle is inexpensive and quite easy to maintain.

Emo boys with black hair look very attractive and sexy. These lads are able to express themselves through their emotions, hairstyle, dressing and music. It is possible to acquire this kind of look by browsing through the numerous photos available and choosing a style that suits you. These hairstyles allow you to get in touch with yourself and also make you feel comfortable. They also help you to express yourself and let the world know who you really are.

Photos Gallery of Black Haired Emo Boys


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    • profile image

      Yuki 2 years ago

      Who is the boy with the Nikon Camera and the black T-shirt?

    • profile image

      ahsan 5 years ago


    • perlwatson profile image

      perlwatson 5 years ago from England


    • profile image

      Kijchiero Mark 5 years ago

      Thanks for adding my picture...(^_\\

    • profile image

      the_emo_kid 6 years ago

      hey um do u know where u can get the razor ? and u should make one of these for girls ,plz I need help with my emo hair style.

    • suwarnaadi profile image

      suwarnaadi 6 years ago


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      Kijchiero 6 years ago

    • Melissa-Chavez profile image

      Melissa-Chavez 6 years ago from Pacoima,CA

      Oh Thanks :]

    • suwarnaadi profile image

      suwarnaadi 6 years ago

      He is Neil Nirvana. And the one right above him is Bill Kaulitz.

    • Melissa-Chavez profile image

      Melissa-Chavez 6 years ago from Pacoima,CA

      These guys are cutest but the one with the checkered Blue shirt is the cutest lol the one right above him looks like a litte kid. I gotta admit i never seen a little kid be emo lol