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Engravable Silver Rings

Updated on July 19, 2011

Engravable Silver Rings

Engravable Silver Rings are the perfect personalized gift for a loved on. Silver on its own is a nice to wear as jewellery, and it is not as expensive as gold. In fact some people even like the look of silver better than gold, silver is considered smart, sophisticated and glamours.

FACT: Silver is considered a traditional 25th wedding anniversary present.

Historically 10 ounces of silver was always equal to 1 ounce of gold. Now 50 ounces of silver are equal to 1 ounce of gold. With most of today's silver being used in industry for almost anything ranging from batteries to space shuttles the price of silver will start to return to its old ratio in value with gold making it a fantastic investment.

Engravable Silver Rings
Engravable Silver Rings | Source

Engraving Ideas

It can be hard trying to choose the perfect engraving, so here are a few Ideas that you could use for engraving your silver ring with:

  • Mum or Dad
  • I will always be yours
  • I will love you forever
  • Best friends forever
  • Forever yours

These days you can have symbols engraved into your rings such as hearts and starts. There is lots of ways you could engrave your silver ring with these, for example:

  • Jane (heart) Same
  • (star) Forever friends (star)

I think this is enough to get you thinking on how you can personalize your engravable silver rings.

Where to Buy?

Where can you buy engravable silver rings I hear you ask, well you can look on ebay shops and google for a start. Either searching for engraved silver rings, silver ring engraving or personalized silver rings will all produce good results.


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