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Engraved Compact Mirror

Updated on January 2, 2011

A simple but elegant engraved compact mirror

Engraved compact mirrors make for great personalized gifts for women. You can add any text—as long as it fits—and be creative. To say the least, you can very well shy away from the usual engraved name and date.

Why compact mirrors are great gifts

You might think that compact mirrors are a little too “little” to be given as gifts to special people. While they may be very basic items, there are special, more expensive versions that are made with expensive materials and precious metals. For example, some even contain and are lined with expensive gems and accessories.

Now that we’ve established how compact mirrors can be un-cheap, let’s look at the item and a woman’s relationship with it. We all know that women love to look at themselves all the time—there are no exceptions to this and they do it anywhere. Chances are, your woman already has a compact mirror in her purse which she carries daily. Now, that doesn’t mean she will not use your gift just because she already has one. If you did well in personalizing the compact, it becomes a very personal item with a deep meaning.

Depending on what you had engraved, there is no way she won’t remember you every time she uses the compact. Women are very sentimental and sensitive, and the mirror speaks to her in ways men do not understand. Not unless her current compact was given to her by a dead relative, chances are she will ditch her old one for the one that you gave.

While this article operates on the assumption that the reader is a male looking to give an engraved compact mirror for a gift, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself—if you are female—something personalized for your own use. Below are some simple and often-overlooked guidelines that can help you if you are in the market for a personalized compact.

Tips on buying an engraved compact mirror

Have a compact mirror engraved obviously means you should start with one that is made from metal. Silver, silver-plated, chromed, gold-plated, and aluminum are some of the top choices—they look expensive and elegant, for starters. The obvious first step is to look for one that looks nice, and something you think she would like.

Most specialty compact mirror shops offer engraving. If you are shopping online, you should look for one that offers the service to save time and unnecessary steps. The best stores offer engraving with a number of choices for fonts and font size, and everything can be customized online through their website. They are relatively easy to find online so once you have a short list, check to see which has more personalizing options.

A personalized compact does not end with those made from metal. Plastic can also be engraved on, but the finish would not be as smooth as its metal counterpart. However, other personalization options are available such as embroidery, monogram graphics, and even lighted compact mirrors. But since this article focuses on engraving, we shall touch on those in another hub.

Some online stores you can get personalized compacts from

Since I am not affiliated with any of these, let me just mention some stores I came across when I though of giving one to my woman—to this day she literally does not leave the house without it and it is almost as important as her mobile phone.

  1. Rumors
  2. American Bridal
  3. With love from (where I bought her’s)
  4. Kyle Design

Simply search for the above stores since linking from this article site is limited.

More engraved compact samples


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