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Engraved Trinket Boxes

Updated on January 11, 2011

Greetings and welcome to my first hub for the day. To start off, I want to talk about cheap but effective and meaningful gifts for our special lady friends. You see, I have been in my current relationship for seven years now, and I’ve learned, at least in my relationship and prior relationships, that women value heartfelt gifts more than expensive items. Of course, I do not want to completely take advantage of this and become a total cheapskate, so I’ve often looked for the middle ground—something that looks precious but a little cheaper than actual jewelry.

A big part of these gifts are personalized items. On this hub we shall discuss a more specific personal item—engraved trinket boxes. Over the course of this page you’ll find everything from reasons why these make great gifts to actual deals and places you can get such from. So let’s start, shall we?

Why engraved trinket boxes make great gifts—a short story

I came across the idea for this while I was snooping around my girl’s cabinet sometime ago to get gift ideas. I looked at her safe cabinet and found all sorts of jewelry. At that time it seemed like she had everything she needed in terms of jewelry, so it would make no sense to get her more, not to mention that with little knowledge I have in that product category, I would probably end up getting her something she would not like.

I soon realized that her jewelry had not form of organization. It was scattered inside drawers and small boxes, and it was a mess. That’s when I got the idea of getting her a jewelry box. At first it seemed too small and non-heartfelt enough as a gift so I searched for some expensive-looking boxes. That’s when I came across multiple sites that offered engraving services for jewelry boxes. Trinket boxes are what they called them. While trinket boxes are in theory smaller than actual jewelry boxes, stores offered them in flashier forms—made with metal and lined with some semi-precious stones.

I immediately thought that with some well-thought-of heartfelt message engraved on it, she’d find it touching.

And touched she was—more than I had ever imagined.

I had the exact line I used when I proposed to her engraved on the top (of a hear-shaped box), and just below it had “Over and over again…” written.

A trinket box is an obviously very useful item. It is small but it can be used to house some of their most precious jewelry so that it is segregated from the regular items. It is small enough to be brought on travels as it offers good protection for delicate items as well—most boxes are lined with some form of padding. On its own, it is useful enough for every woman on this planet. Add in some form of personalization you just made something very useful to useful and meaningful. Try giving one to your special someone next time and I can assure you that you won’t regret it. You can thank me afterward.

Where to find nice trinket boxes

There are two major routes you can take to get a nice engraved trinket box. First is to find stores that offer engraving services for gift items. Try doing a search for “engraved gifts” for starters and you’ll find stores that sell trinket boxes as well. This route is the more hassle-free one but you are limited with your choices for boxes. You can also first find the perfect box then have it engraved at your local engraving store. Below are some very nice engrave-able trinket boxes to get your started.


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