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Enhancing Beauty, Eyes

Updated on October 16, 2012
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When makeup is done well it adds something, that, 'je ne sais quoi', you know that little 1 -2- 3 power punch. That little something that adds to a woman's self awareness and inner glamour.

Cosmetics are awesome when applied correctly or incorrectly. They are necessary to portray an illusion of perfection. Yet the trick is short lived.

Perfection actually is over rated. And in the pursuit of perfect feminine beauty we have been led down dark alleys looking for the next big thing. Or the more! Which in my opinion never satisfies because it just can't.

Yet any one that sets out to use cosmetics for what they have been invented for, will tell you that with all the right tools and knowing all the tricks You too can be beautiful! Forgetting that you already are, and true beauty is a reflection of peace within shinning outward. It's quite intangible and no amount of makeup can duplicate.

Problem is most of us don't take the time to practice the tricks or can afford all the right tools and end up having to make do, which i am relieved to say is quite possible.

You don't have to purchase all the latest gadgets for beauty enhancement, placement and application. Your make up bag does not have to be a table weight. With a few simple know hows and tools applying make up can be done quite well.

And perfection is always optional!

Psst besides, it's a deadly illusion and our eyes can be deceived.

Beauty Enhancement


  • color
  • shape
  • spacing


  • length
  • fullness
  • real
  • falsies


  • shape
  • spacing
  • thin
  • full

Beauty tools

  • eye brow pencil
  • eye shadow brush or applicator
  • mascara brush
  • eye lash curler

Beauty product

  • mascara
  • eye liner
  • brow liner
  • eye shadow palette, brow colors
  • eye shadow palette, eye colors
  • primer or foundation
  • concealer
  • lash glue
  • eyes
  • skin
  • moisturizer

Although you can buy a store house of brushes, pencils and professional tools to do the eyes, they tend to slow me down so i don't do it. I tend to stick with the simplest route and enjoy the process.

Nowadays cosmetics can be applied permanently, Pro or Con - you tell me?

Your goal is to enhance beauty not cover it up... So liking what you have and working it the best way you know how or have learned is always both beneficial and confidence boosting.

Simple tricks

  • mascara
  • eye liner
  • matte shadow, 1 color - dark
  • shimmer shadow, 1 color - light or lighter

Simple steps

  1. apply light shadow to lid, pat color into lid, for saturation and durability
  2. apply dark shadow to area above crease, curved motion, blend
  3. apply eye liner
  4. apply 1 coat of mascara, to top and bottom lashes - bottom lashes optional
  5. with eye lash curler, curl lashes
  6. apply 2nd coat of mascara, to curled lashes only
  7. clean up area under eye

Brows should already be done.

Basic know how

  • Sheer coat of foundation or primer on eye lid, and out to eye brow - fills out lines and helps make up stay put
  • putting heavy dose of setting powder under eye - catches shadow fall out
  • apply light color to inside corner of lid then toward outer corner, the shadow shouldn't be as heavy, Pat the color on, 2 times at the very least
  • dark color applied with a larger brush in a back and forth sweeping motion, blend toward brow
  • add mascara and eye liner
  • knock off excess setting powder and Voila - finis

Your clean hands and fingers are some of the best tools you will ever need!

Using fingers

  • pointer finger
  • ring finger
  • pinkie or baby finger

These 3 digits are the most useful and can get in areas even brushes sometimes struggle with, so always make sure your hands are clean and you have wipes handy to keep them clean, as you are applying your eye makeup.

Remember, Less can be More no matter what you are doing with your makeup!!!


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