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Enjoy Natural Ingredients in Your Bath

Updated on November 10, 2012
Claw Foot Tub
Claw Foot Tub | Source

Many people love to relax in a warm bath. But, getting the water to smell nice and soften your skin can be expensive. Here are some ways to make your bath time better using natural methods that are much cheaper.

It is easy and cheap to make your own bath pillow to pamper yourself. Use a large plastic freezer bag that seals tightly. Take at least three cups of plastic packing peanuts and pour them into the bag. Be sure and squeeze out most of the air. But, you do to want to leave just a bit. If the plastic is not comfortable, make a pouch for the pillow out of a towel. Now, just prop it under your head while you are in the tub and you will be surprised how comfortable and relaxed you will feel.

Another way to help you relax is to add a bit of scent to your bath water. Take at least three or four lemons and limes that you have already used for cooking and trim the peels off of them with a vegetable peeler. Use the foot end of an old, clean knee-high hose and place the peel inside. Tie a knot in the top and put the entire thing in your bath water. The aroma will refresh and relax you. And, the oil from the fruit will moisturize your skin.

Most people know that milk is great for your teeth and bones. But, how many know it is good for your skin, as well? The lactic acid in milk will act as a mild exfoliant. Any type of milk is fine to use, such as low fat, nonfat, skim, or whole milk. You can even use powdered milk from your kitchen cabinet. But, if you use the powdered variety, do not add it directly to your bath. It will not dissolve well and there will be clumps of milk floating in the water. Instead, combine enough of the milk powder and water to make one cup. Shake the mixture in a jar with a tight lid before adding to your bath water.

Do not throw away your old cotton socks. They have several uses in the bathroom. They can be used as bath mitts. But, be sure to turn them inside out. They are better at exfoliating your skin that way. Old cotton socks can also be used to collect those last scraps of soap to keep from wasting them.

If you do not have to worry about the cost of expensive bath salts and oils, you will be able to relax much more easily. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your time spent in a warm bath.


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