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Ensemble Analysis #1: Black Silk Reversible Jacket and Multi Dress

Updated on January 27, 2015

The reversible jacket when I first saw it reminded me of a graduation gown. On the inside, the other reversible side it has a traditional Japanese scene in the center and blocks of dark and light green surrounding. The exterior side is completely black with four or five complex lined yet simple, small faint white floral like leaves on top back, top shoulders and bottom of the sleeves. The jacket is pure Japanese authenticity. I think there is symbolism behind it, the outside showing solid black with the few symbols possibly representing only what you see on the surface. When you reverse it and see the inside, there are different shades of green and a Japanese garden scene this could represent what’s on the inside in our souls, the Japanese belief that we are all one with nature.

The dress is most likely Asian inspired, with blotchy water colors, powerful color of elegant bright red, baby blue, black, white, and burnt orange. There is a navy blue piece of fabric lined around the collar, below the breasts, around the sleeve ends, and down the middle. There are drastic placements of color, splattered, blotted, and flowing, but it seems to work. It is like a chaotic earth, the cycle of mother-nature and life and death, yet it is still beautiful. It looks like a cocktail dress for going on the town, not something a geisha would wear. It has the same element as the jacket with the back of the dress being more abstract like a spiraling of the colors almost like a graceful tsunami, the soul being hidden from the façade.

This ensemble together gives a sense of a Geisha breaking the rules. She might have secretly gone out on the town in the sexy dress, got home late at night and put on the jacket over the dress to warm her up. I personally don’t see this ensemble working well together as an outfit to wear in public. I can see this jacket being used specifically for wearing while getting make-up and hair done. They two pieces serve different purposes. The navy blue fabric on the dress does not match the black jacket so it doesn’t look right.

One thing that makes me think these two pieces go together is the length of the jacket and dress. They are both cut, angled and flow at the exact same length. The sleeves are similar as well. The jacket style may be meant to layer and accommodate the dress. My overall consensus is that they would not go together because the jacket looks like a special jacket for a geisha, geishas would not generally wear these dresses, they wear several layers and are almost completely covered up.


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