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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Epilator Reviews

Updated on March 3, 2014

Buy Epilators & Epilator Reviews - there is something you need to know before making your purchase decision...

I have recently had to research a shed load of epilator reviews, real consumer feedback, as I decided to buy an epilator for my sister, well it's what she wants for Christmas anyway. Well instead of letting all the great information I gathered go to waste I thought I'd let you all know about it, so here goes.

Cordless / Rechargeable Epilators - this actually seems like a great idea, as with any electrical product you use having the flexibility to use it where and when you want is ideal. Being restricted by cacles and wires is no fun at all. Cordless epilators generally hold there charge over time and hold enough charge for 20-40 minutes epilation.

Wet and Dry Epilators - wet epilators have been designed for completely safe operation in water, the smart thing about this is that epilating in warm water is less painful due to the water relaxing your skin and opening your pores allowing easier, less painful hair removal.

Perception of Pain - i have read so many epilator reviews, probably close to 300 and here is a quick summary of how people have dealt with the perceived pain. Firstly the reason why I state perceived pain is because this is the impression I got from the mountain of epilator reviews I read through, 1) consider buyer a more expensive epilator, I'm not suggesting that just because it is dearer it is better but generally you get better quality and more features, features that will help you the first time you epilate eg changeable caps or speed control. 2) as I mention above buy a wet and dry epilator due to the effects of epilating in warm water 3) I am told epilating gets easier and easier but if you don't want to take my word for it then read some real consumer reviews

Summary - I could go on for hours with all the research I have collected but have decided to sum up this post now, as a final word there were 2 epilators in particular that caught my attention. Both of these epilators received NO NEGATIVE reviews, the reviews on these 2 epilators alone were close to 250 - 300 real consumer epilator reviews. if you want to go and check them out they are the Philips HP models and of course the Braun Silk-epil Xpressive's. However although these are great choices I would probably now buy either Remington's IPL Hair Removal System or the Silk'n Flash & Go Handheld. I appreciate these are a bit pricey but from all the feedback I have read they seem to do a great job.

My Favorite Epilators

The Future of Epilation - Best Epilator Reviews 2014

We're well into 2014 now and and while I'm very happy with my trusty Braun Silk Epil as my first go to device I've been seriously considering an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal device.

From my experience with my Braun I can easily go few weeks between treatments. I get a little redness but it's gone in about 30 minutes which I absolutely love but feel the need to broaden and try something new.

Epilation or IPL

Which device is your favorite?

See results

Tips, Tips, Tips

Here's a few tips I've learnt / found out through my journey ultra smooth long lasting skin.

  • Waxing - if you have been shaving up until now and are taking your first steps into epilation then wax or have a wax treatment beforehand. Then wait a few days or up to a week before using your best braun epilator, not only will your first experience be a good one this will also give you great results.

Epilator for legs

  • 40 - the number of tweezers to shoot for when purchasing a new device. This will be much more effective than one with only 20 tweezers and quicker too.

    Now one potential small issue that I have with hair removal is the ingrown hairs, unfortunately these are inevitable. However there are measures to take safely to reduce or remove any hairs.

    Exfoliate - a couple of times a day if possible. Scrub the area or hair gently and get rid of any dirt or dead skin. Don't scrub too hard and definitely don't scrud so hard that you make the area bleed.

    Compress - a warm cloth can easily be used for this, just hold it against the ingrown hair if you can see it to bring it up to the top or surface. Once you can get to it pluck it out.


Depilation is the art of removing unwanted body hair and describes the method. Depilation and epilation are often confused as one of the same but although they sound the same they are different.

Depilation actually refers to the removal of hair (in part) on the surface or on top of the skin i.e. shaving.

Epilation on the other hand is concerned with the whole hair and the removal of it.


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      Best Epilator 21 months ago

      Buying an epilator is a real pain since there are so many out there in the market. Further, different people have different kind of requirements when it comes to buying an epilator. Thus for simple-yet-genuine reviews on epilator, go to

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      Margie 22 months ago

      Karmin is my favorite!

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      Epilator 2 years ago

      Great Hub! You have really covered most of the aspects of epilators. If anyone is looking for in-depth reviews on specific brands of epilators be sure to check out

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      nice post

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