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Erik Sprague - The Lizardman - Unique Plastic Surgery

Updated on February 27, 2012
Erik Sprague - The Lizardman
Erik Sprague - The Lizardman

According to Erik Sprague himself - "I am a professional freak." With numerous television appearances under his belt, many people already know this man by his stage name - the "Lizardman."

For years, Erik has undergone procedure after procedure in an attempt to transform him body into that of a human lizard. Though many people might think of him as a "freak," Erik wasn't always that way. He was born on June 12, 1972 in the normal community of Fort Campbell, KY.

Much of his life is pretty normal. He's married to a woman named Meghan and he currently lived in Austin, Texas. While they do not have children, the Spragues do have pet Ferrets. However, no matter where he goes, Erik no doubt turns heads with his bizarre appearance, which is unlike what anyone else has ever seen.

The Lizardman has made quite a name for himself as he currently hosts the J├Ągermeister Music Tour. The bands featured in this tour include Slipknot, Distubed and Slayer - heavy metal bands which are widely known.

Erik - the blonde male in the center, wearing a black suit. This is how he looked before surgery.
Erik - the blonde male in the center, wearing a black suit. This is how he looked before surgery.
The Lizardman in action.
The Lizardman in action.

The Surgery

One of the most striking surgeries Erik has had is his signature tongue splitting. This is to mimic the look of a reptile tongue. The split tongue is cut in the center, all the way back to the base in a triangular shape. Interesting enough, after the tongue is healed, control can be gained to both individual sides of the tongue, so they can be moved differently.

Erik has also had subdermal implants, which is a type of body jewelry that is placed beneath the skin. This gives him a "raised" texture over his face, or bumps, which mimic a reptile.

Many tattoos also appear on his body. In fact, his ultimate goal is to be tattooed from head to toe in order to mimic the lizard he wants to be. These green tattoos are fixed all over his skin and are in different designs to look like the scales on a lizard's body. He didn't stop there, either - Erik even has his lips inked a green hue.


Erik originally gained noticed in the 2005 documentary entitled Modify, about people who underwent cosmetic procedures to completely alter their appearances. In 2008, he was also a guest on the Tyra Banks Show.

Along with the J├Ągermeister Music Tour, Lizardman also appears in sideshow acts and does standup comedy for a living. No matter what he does, though, many people cannot get over his bizarre appearance. But it is assumed Erik is alright with that, since he does have the word "Freak" tattooed across his chest. He seems to thrive on being different.


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    • profile image

      The Lizardman 5 years ago

      This is what happens when you let search engines write your articles for you - full of errors. First, I have no idea who the person in that alleged before picture is but it is certainly not me - likely just someone with the same given name. Then there is the procedural misinformation - a triangle is not cut from the tongue, implants are not body jewelry, etc. Finally, the fame section reads like a bad ad for Modify which was a mediocre documentary at best owing most of its viewership to being an early entry on netflix instant. Long before that I had appeared on hundreds of TV shows around the world going back to the mid 90's including shows like Ripley's Believe It or Not & multiple appearances on MTV. Modify barely warrants a mention in my credits. Instead of blindly following search engine results, try going to a direct source like my website: