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Eugene T.S. Wong - A Man Who Wears Hosiery

Updated on October 16, 2009

I've been rabbiting on about men who wear lingerie for a long time now, but aside from the great guys who make comments on these articles, we haven't heard too much from the men who wear lingerie themselves. In this article, I've decided to change that by interviewing Eugene T.S Wong, a straight man and self admitted hosiery advocate who wears lingerie on the front lines, combining it with his everyday attire to create a look that is unique and all his own. That's Eugene in the pictures, strutting his undeniably sexy self in a range of hosiery styles.

Eugene has been kind enough to answer the questions I've asked in great detail, which has made this a must read interview if you're a man with questions about your own lingerie wearing, or if you're a woman curious as to what a real man who wears lingerie is really like.

Enough with the preliminaries, on with the interview!

Eugene T.S. Wong

Eugene, what sparked your interest in hosiery?

As a young boy, 3-4 years old, I remember seeing an unusual fabric on women's legs, and wondered what it would feel like. I thought about it every now and then. When I was 5 years old, my mom made me and my brother take figure skating. For the Halloween presentation, the guys were dressed up as pumpkins, and we wore suntan coloured day-sheer hosiery. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the feeling on my legs.

What would you most like to tell other men who like to wear hosiery, or who are thinking about it, but are scared to do so?

I recommend that men try it under pants and socks, and wear at home. It'll be impossible for others to know. After it becomes routine, try getting an opaque pair, and wear at home under pants, without socks.

After it becomes routine, try either a really sheer pair that isn't noticable, or a really opaque pair. This time, wear them under shorts. Opaque pairs tend to be more masculine. If those men really believe that they just won't be accepted while wearing hosiery, then don't push it. It's only clothing.

After you are comfortable with that, try wearing shorts and hosiery in the back yard. You'd be surprised how scary it might feel even in your own backyard.

After you are comfortable with that, go to the front yard with hosiery and shorts.

After that, go out with hosiery under pants and no socks. See if you can get away with it at work, church or wherever you can on regular basis.

After that, go to a really busy place where people won't know you, wearing hosiery and pants, and no socks. If you can go to somewhere really artsy, then you'll probably be fine. Artsy people tend to feel rejected by the mainstream, and they tend to not criticize strangers, so you'll have more outward acceptance.

After you've checked out the area, and found that nobody criticized you, then go back, wearing hosiery and shorts.

At this point, you are pretty much ready to go wherever you want.

I'm ready to go almost anywhere I want, but I still need to be careful with certain church situations. Most conservative religions and conservative churches don't care.

Do you have any favorite items of hosiery? If so, please share :)

Wolford hosiery is my favourite brand. They have such a nice feel to them. On the other end of the price spectrum, I have these cheap pairs from a Liquidation World. They are cheap in price, but they have a wonderfully smooth feel, and they seem to last a long time, considering the price. I also have a white pair of leggings, which are basically just footless hosiery, to me. I like them a lot. My most commonly worn pairs in public are a pair of black mostly opaques, and a pair of brown mostly opaques. I don't know the name brands, because I think that I got them new without packaging from a clearance rack. They both feel wonderfully smooth. I'm not an expert, but I think that the black pair matches really well with my black shorts, and that the brown pair matches really well with my beige shorts.

Any hosiery tips specific to men that you can think of?

Hmm, this is a tough question to answer.

First of all, try something like what Ebeneer Scrooge wore in "A Christmas Carol". That time period was the probably the last time when men in hosiery was considered fashionable. Most men wore opaque hosiery with fairly slim pants that went down to the knees. Try wearing something like that, if you can. People might wonder why you are wearing knee-length pants, instead of wondering why you wear hosiery. In other words, it blends in more, and it doesn't raise any red flags.

Second of all, be patient. It takes time even for open minded people to change their minds. Making them believe and accept, before they are ready, means that we are forcing something down their throats. Imagine going to a fine restaurant. You have the money for it. You have the clothing for it. The ambiance and music are wonderful. You order your favourite dish. You take a bite, and it's better than you ever imagined. With 1 morsel, the restaurant has raised the standard on how to prepare your favourite dish. Before you finish swallowing the first morsel, the waiter approaches and attempts to push the remainder of the food down your throat. You enjoy the food, so it's the obvious thing to do, right? Wrong! The obvious thing for the waiter to do is to let you swallow at your own pace. You'll do it when you are ready. It's not something that you think about very consciously, just as you probably don't put a lot of thought into walking. This is the way it is with fashion trends. People might pass advice around every now and then, but it's something that takes time, so give it time.

Third of all, look into hosiery for tall women. I've seen size E and size F Hanes hosiery for women. These weren't queen size or anything like that. They were for tall and slim women.

What's the best thing that you've had happen connected with wearing hosiery?

I've literally had a woman cheer me on. I used to take people out for a walking tour around the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, where there are nice mosaics in the sidewalk. When a group member saw my hosiery, she pointed it out to the group, and cheered for me.

This walking tour was a meetup group on On a different day, the group owner showed up in black shorts, and purple opaque hosiery. When the group chatted about her outfit, she said that she wore hosiery and shorts in support of me. I was so suprised and touched by it.

I even mentioned in each announcement that I would wear hosiery and shorts, so that they could spot me. I had at least 1 person show up every time. Most of the time, I had about 7 people or more. This shows that people aren't necessarily put off of activities when there are men in hosiery.

How do women you know react to your love affair with hosiery?

They don't say a whole lot. I think that they are too shy to comment. They probably are just as uncomfortable commenting on the brand of socks that a guy could wear under his pants. I don't think that it's taboo. I think that it's too unusual to discuss certain types of visible clothing.

Most relatives don't know. My mom doesn't care if I wear it. She just doesn't want to be seen in public with me wearing hosiery and shorts. My sister in law doesn't think that it's good, but she also thinks that men wearing hosiery is just something that society would need to get used to, as opposed to it being gay or offensive.

I worked in a department store. Several women that I've worked with have seen it, or known about it, and most don't have a lot to say. My former manager and I were discussing me and my lack of relationships, and her solution was that I "stop wearing pantyhose". Another department manager saw me shopping for it, and I was probably wearing hosiery with shorts at the time. She didn't even bring up the topic, and wondered about why I wasn't working for her. She was very nice, so I tried to work for her instead.

In general, women aren't cold to the idea, but they aren't chasing after guys in hosiery, either. I honestly think that that is a problem that I want to solve in the future, since it can make or break a potential relationship.

I'd like to go off on a tangent. I think that relationships are more important than clothing, and that we men have to be willing to accomodate the women, even if the women can't understand. I expect women to be just as flexible, when we have our short comings. Many men believe that if the woman can't accept, then there is something wrong with the relationship and that men should choose the hosiery over the woman. I completely disagree. People can't agree on everything, but we all have to pull in the same direction. It's just a clothing item. Don't get a divorce.

I don't have a girl friend, but I think that that has to do more with me trying to attract a girl and meeting more girls. Even when I never wore hosiery with shorts, I still had a tough time getting girl friends.

Do you think that men who wear hosiery are gay?

That's a good question.

No. I wear hosiery, and I don't think that I'm gay. I have a strong desire to marry a woman, have sex with her, and have meaningful relationship.

My main goal in this project is to kindly help people to know for certain that men in hosiery aren't necessarily gay, just as women who wear pants aren't gay. Women can wear very revealing yoga pants. Men can't. The women can wear them, because those pants are feminine. I hope to help people to say, "That style, of hosiery and shorts, is masculine.".

If you'd like to learn more about Eugene, you can check him out on MySpace:


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    • Niki46 profile image


      8 years ago from Lycraville, CA

      Awesome! Keep it up and thanks for leading the charge.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you for the article. It was excellent. My comment is, I have worn Danskin tights for several years under my scrubs. Needless to say, I work around a lot of doctors and other nurses and at one time or another I have been in a position where they have shown. I have never received an ugly comment. Had to laugh one day when my charge nurse mused "Nice choice of color". I just thanked her and went on about my job. As for outside the job, I wear them just about every place I go.

      To the guys that want to, about all I can say is "Go For it". They feel great and look just as nice.

    • profile image

      Steve Newman 

      9 years ago

      I'm surprised I somehow missed it when this interview was published. Thanks for doing such a positive piece, Hope. Like Eugene, I too am a man who's engaged in promoting and advocating for the emerging trend of men wearing tights and hosiery. Things have been moving more rapidly towards mainstreaming 'mantyhose'.

      I left my job as an engineer last March and took a position as Director of Marketing for ActivSkin, a company that sells tights and pantyhose made exclusively for men. Since then, I've created a successful blog called The Nylon Gene (you can access it by clicking my name above). The mission is to provide extensive discussion on the topic of men's legwear for the general public and media.

      I wish Eugene all the best in his efforts, and hope to send encouragement in that he's far from alone in this.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Venti anni fa ho subito la frattura della tibia, il terapista mi prescrisse una calza elastica. ma il ginocchio era sempre gonfio e mia moglie mi convinse ad indossare il suo collant premaman della CABIFI. Anche dopo la guarigione ho continuato ad indossare collant, non più per motivi sanitari, ma perchè mi piace sentirne il contatto dai piedi fino all'ombellico. Mia moglie condivide il mio piacere e quando li compra per se pensa anche a me. In piena estate uso gli 8den solo la sera, veramente ottimi contro le punture di zanzare, ma appena rinfresca li indosso regolarmente sotto i pantaloni e direttamente sulla pelle. Per impedirne il roll-on e mantenerli sempre ben tesi, anche quando sto al lavoro seduto per ore alla scrivania, mia moglie mi fa indossare una guaina contenitiva, che alterna con dei body in elastam leggermente modellanti senza ferretti . Mi ha convinto a depilarmi le gambe per aumentare le sensazioni del naylon sulla pelle. Siamo una coppia sessualmente attiva, anche se feticista perchè lo facciamo indossando sempre i collant.

    • profile image

      Eugene T.S. Wong 

      10 years ago

      Hi SheerGeek.

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I appreciate it. So few people talk about this, that men in hosiery and shorts can often feel alone.

      To all readers, I'm following this article, so I can respond to any questions. Just type in your question, and then I'll get an update. When I get a chance, then I'll reply. I'm pretty open about everything, so feel free to ask anything that is appropriate to her blog.


      Sincerely, and with thanks, Eugene T.S. Wong.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great article and photos. More men should be like Eugene and throw off their inhibitions. Tights and pantyhose are just as practical and comfortable for men as they are for women.


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