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Smell Like a Billion Bucks - Euphoria

Updated on March 12, 2017
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Euphoria By Calvin Klein

Euphoria by Calvin Klein Review - Enticing Scent for Women
Euphoria by Calvin Klein Review - Enticing Scent for Women | Source

Smell Like a Billion Bucks - Euphoria by Calvin Klein Review

If you've been pondering whether to purchase this perfume or not, I'm here to help you, read my Euphoria by Calvin Klein Review. This is my own personal review. No one and nothing has influenced what I'm about to say.

The Scent

I've been wearing this perfume for about eight months now. It was a gift and as soon as I pulled it out of the box I was smitten. The shape of the bottle is curvy sexy like me and someone knew I love purple and silver. So I'm looking at this fine piece of art and really hoping it smells as good as it looks. Hoping it wouldn't be just another pretty bottle to add to my collection. Why bother buying me perfume when you know I am so picky. I gently held the bottle in my hand and pulled the cap off. I sprayed just a little on my wrist, waited a couple of seconds and sniffed. Boom, we have hit the Jackpot! I absolutely loved it. My nose loved it and wanted more. Euphoria is very exotic yet elegant, seductive but not overwhelming.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Euphoria by Calvin Klein | Source

Euphoria by Calvin Klein Description:

Glamorous. Sexy. Sensual. Explore your most intimate dreams and desires with euphoria. The fantasy of black orchid creates a captivating oriental fragrance that blends exotic fruits, seductive florals and a creamy signature. Top Notes: pomegranate, succulent persimmon Middle Notes: sensual champaca flower, rich black orchid Base Notes: liquid amber, black violet, cream, mahogany wood

It Doesn't Linger Forever

However, one will know they've smelled a fabulous yet seductive scent when passing. Euphoria doesn't linger forever. Maybe that's why it's called Euphoria. It gives you moments of excitement and then slowly fades away. I absolutely despise it when I have to smell someone an hour after they've left the room. Some women either put too much perfume on or have made a horrible fragrance choice. There have been times when I've almost gagged after passing someone with a really strong perfume scent. Do they not smell themselves? I can't count the number of times I've had to hold my breath in a checkout line because of a strong scent almost suffocating me. I’m not being dramatic. We've all smelled that lady who smelled like she took a bath in perfume!

Compliments Galore

What is that you're wearing? You smell good. That perfume you're wearing? It smells great. These are just a few of the compliments I've received since wearing it. I have many perfumes, but I always seem to grab this one, knowing it is a real crowd pleaser. Now I could be imagining things, but sometimes I feel like when I'm wearing it I become the center of attention. Then again it could just be my bubbly personality. I've almost completely abandoned my vanilla scents that I love so much.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein is a very sensual fragrance. If you are an introvert you may not want to wear this out in public. You are likely to attract strays and lead them back to your home. However, if you are a risk taker give it a go. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Certainly the people around you will.

Hints of Lotus Blossom, Black Orchid, Amber and Other Sensual Heart Notes

Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Euphoria by Calvin Klein | Source

Euphoria by Calvin Klein for Women

Euphoria by Calvin Klein comes in a cute purse size 0.33 fl.oz. roller-ball. This is the perfect travel size. Just right for an overnight trip or vacation. You will never have to take your beautiful bottle on airplanes if you have one of these little gems. This makes it easy for me to carry my Euphoria with me everywhere I go. There are five different sizes to choose from. There is sure to be one that will fit your style and budget. Wearing Euphoria will make you feel sexy and confident. Do not be afraid to buy Euphoria as a gift. The receiver will absolutely love it. If you purchase it for yourself, you'll want more especially when the compliments start rolling in. Euphoria is an excellent fragrance at a great price. This is definitely my new signature perfume.


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