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Evening Handbags - A must read for Fashionistas

Updated on September 21, 2010

Evening handbags are indispensable accessories that women all over the world must have. Normally,a woman attends of cocktail parties, night out with girlfriends and of course formal dinners. Working women are often compelled to attend social functions after work so it’s really practical to own at least two evening handbags which can be used alternately. Selecting the appropriate evening handbag is crucial since a galmorous outfit with matching stilettos can bemessed up by the wrong choice of evening handbags.
Evening handbags are regarded as vital accessories when it's time to attend dinner socials. Aside from matching your outfit, evening handbags are also functionals since it can hold items like lipstick, compact make up, some cash and car keys. Evening handbags are formal and elegant but they can also attract attention.

The price of evening handbags can range from $50 to a hundred dollars especially when buying designer brands. Nevertheless,  all sorts of evening handbags  are available out there but there are certain things you have to remember when buying one. The following advice can be considered in choosing evening handbags that would surely enhance your evening outfit:

Evening handbags
Evening handbags
  1. Essentially, when choosing evening handbags consider the clothes you are wearing. Jazz up a plain or simple evening dress with bright hues. A good suggestion would be carrying a red satin evening bag along with classic cut black dress. Silver , gold or red always stand out in a crowd and reflect high spirits of the owner.
  2. The materials of the evening handbags must not be same with the outfit. Leather skirts and shoes is a no-no when coupled with leather evening handbag.
  3. Beaded evening handbags are perfectly suited with metallic outfits. This produces a glamorous and tasteful look. Usually, people wear black on dinners and cocktails so try to liven up the drab colors by carrying beaded evening handbags.
  4. Take into account your height and body frame when buying evening handbags. If you are quite short, refrain from buying clunky and bulky types of evening handbags. It is always safe to use satin or metallic handbags that looks classic. Tall women must not buy very small bags since it does not look well on them.
  5. Select the bag size that can hold all the items you need to bring. Never underestimate the importance of functionality..

Every season, fashion trends change but buying an evening handbag that’s made of satin or silk can never go wrong.


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    • profile image

      Maria 7 years ago

      I love clutch style evening handbags. They are very comfortable and stylish.