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Everything You Need to Know to about hair extensions

Updated on February 20, 2015

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a way to making your original hair look more fuller, bouncier and voluminous. These are made of natural human hair like European hair, Remy hair, Russian hair and Blonde hair and are processed in a manner as to stay natural and look great for a longer time to come.

Wigs have been in use since, time immemorial and then the extensions took the front seat and added a whole new dimension to the glamour quotient in the modern era. The extensions few years back where tough to add as they had to be glued or sewed to your original hair, making it a time consuming work for both the stylist and the person getting it installed.

On the contrary, the modern clip on extensions are easy to add and they make your hair look splendidly beautiful, long and heavenly. Maintaining these extensions is very easy, you just need to use specially designed shampoos and conditioners to keep them properly moistened as dryness can have an adverse effect on them.

The modern extensions are processed in a manner that they can be treated like natural hair and still they remain quite durable over a period of time. Installing them and taking them off is a speedy process nowadays as they come in clip-on forms and can be done just sometime before you are headed for a special occasion.

Getting your extensions done from the leading hair stylists and hair studios gives you the benefit of getting the best quality extensions installed for you as they are sourced from the leading hair extensions suppliers.

Choose the right hair extension for a dazzling & gorgeous you

Hair plays a vital role when it comes to regaining the great good looks for smart appearance. But unfortunately everyone is not lucky to have good quality hair. This is why people lean towards the hair experts who ensure right hair extension according to the client's hair and texture type.

There are various hair extension tips that people avail from professional hair care givers. I-tip, U-tip and Tape weft are the style categories that get offered mostly to the clients.

In I-tip category, strand by strand permanent hair extension gets delivered. Though it depends mainly on the natural hair growth but it lasts for six weeks and can be reused as well. One can colour, cut, style and highlight this type of extension.

The U-tip hair extension is also popular among users. It is also a strand by strand permanent hair extension system in which keratin glue gets used to merge hair extension with the natural hair of the client in perfect blend. This type of extension also depends on hair growth.

The tape weft therapy is a popular way and it is quite quick and easy way to apply. This particular type of extension is popular among users as it is pretty easy to maintain at home. The extension can be washed and styled as natural hair.

The clip on extensions are undoubtedly the popular types that take minimal time to install and de-install, making them easier to use for special occasions and daily formal official purposes.

To avail any of these above mentioned extensions, one must go to an expert hair professional. There are many salons and hair styling professionals . They carefully use natural human hair of great quality to suit the client's own hair.

Going to the professional hair extension experts is always beneficial as they know every minute detail of the whole thing. To get preferred hair extension done in a good manner, go to the salon now.

Know what the professionals say about treating the hair extensions easily

Those who are not fortunate of having good hair of their own, rely on good quality hair extensions. But hair extensions have tendency of reducing their charming looks and original appearance. To keep the looks and charm of the hair extension intact, some steps must be followed by the users.

Brushing is first and the foremost step while taking care of the hair extension. A brush with soft bristles can do the Magic. It helps in keeping the hair extension straight and shiny. Thus it is important to brush the hair regularly as it is an exercise for the extension.

Just like real hair, hair extensions also need washing if not regular but in regular intervals for sure. Following a few steps, the washing can be done properly. Detangling of hair is important before shampooing.

One must use a very good quality shampoo and apply it slowly to the extension downwards. Applying water to rinse the shampoo should be done in downwards as well. One must not forget of combing the hair with a wide toothed comb to avoid tangling of wet hair extension.

After completing the procedure of shampooing, conditioning must be done in a delicate manner. High quality conditioners are capable of nourishing the hair extension. In order to get shiny hair extension, applying conditioner must be done carefully.

A lot of conditioner can reduce the shine and natural look of an extension, thus while applying conditioner, one must apply it in reasonable amount. After completing the whole part of shampooing and conditioning, leave the extension to dry for 30 minutes so that it can dry naturally without the use of a hair dryer.

The above mentioned steps are recommended by professional hair stylists. So try to maintain these steps to keep the looks of your hair extension always new. Try to keep your scalp moisturized as much as possible. This helps to keep your extensions in good condition and prevents them from drying up.


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