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Eve's Addiction

Updated on July 6, 2010

Eve's Addiction

Recently I felt like I wanted to get my boyfriend something. I wanted to make it something sweet, and something I knew he would really like. Of course being in high school, I was short on cash. So I went browsing online for engravable gifts. I came across a website calles Eve's Addiction.

On their website you can set a price limit, and they'll show you what you can get with your budget. They also tell you which items they are able to engrave, and they tell you how much the engraving will cost. I had a great experience with their site, and I was able to personalize a nice ring for my boyfriend for under fifty dollars. They also give you the option to have in mailed in a special gift wrap.

I recommend their site for anyone who wants to get a personalized gift. They have rings and necklaces and key chains, just anything you could want. Also it is very easy to keep track of where your order is after you purchase it.


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