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Excellent Earrings For Men

Updated on December 7, 2009

Ear jewelry has been 'in' for men since the days of pirates. Sadly, many modern men have lost touch with their bejeweled roots, aside from those few brave alternative souls who pierce everything that looks like it might possible be able to be pierced. A happy medium can be struck however, and a man can look both business like, dependable, trustworthy and all round presentable whilst wearing earrings, depending on how he wears them. He can also look eccentric, attractive, interesting, charming, alternative and a great deal many things more desirable that traditional and dependable.

Some people say that an earring in the right ear means that the wearer is gay, and indeed, in the past that may well have been true, but these days you're allowed to be gay in most civilized parts of the world, so the need for secretive signs declaring one's homosexuality has diminished nowadays. Still, if you're concerned about getting the wrong ear pierced, the left ear is the arbitrarily decided upon convention for heterosexuality.

What types of earrings are considered acceptable for men? Well, in a corporate environment, you might be able to get away with matt black studs. One must keep in mind that outrageous earrings are often associated with those wild hippies that so enjoy thronging public spaces with their funny smelling tobacco, so anything too brightly colored, or colored red, yellow and green, may draw unwanted attention from superiors and cost you that promotion to the upper echelons of dreary management.

Traditionally conservative kinds of male earrings include small silver hoops and small dull studs. Traditionally awesome kinds of male earrings include larger hoops a la Pirates of the Caribbean, sparkly diamonds a la Rue Paul, and anything else that catches a man's eye. If one was the type, one could subvert the idea of the traditional single manly piercing in the left ear by having one's left ear pierced and then wearing an ornate, sparkly and all together frou frou earring in it. That'll show those squares down in squareville. Damn squares. Always ruining everyone's fun with their rules and conventions, man.

Although earrings are often overlooked by men, they're actually a very cheap way to add some style to your general appearance. Earrings can be found for just a few dollars in markets all over the world, and even in jewlery stores, you can pick yourself up some pretty hot ear 'bling' (dear god, what an awful, awful expression,) for very little money.

Claim your heritage, express your masculinity, your femininity, your sheer excellence, with earrings.


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    • profile image

      mikk 8 years ago

      I've been wearing earrings since i was a teenager(against my religious-conservative parents' wishes). I think its become more socially acceptable, which is good.

      ...and Nanciboy, i think its awesome that you got your ears pierced. I think its awful how people think that older men shouldn't do it or if they do they're going through some type of mid-life crisis or some other BS. Thanks for doin your part to help the next generation.

    • profile image

      Wynter Storm 8 years ago

      I had both ears pierced when I was 19 (I am 35 at the point of writing this) with one stud each. A year later I had one more in my right and two in my left. The only harrassment I got was from my own brother, who also used to give me crap about wearing kilts.

      Most people either don't seem to notice it or at least don't comment on it, but then I usually wear studs rather than hoops, although I will often wear season colors--red, green, and clear (white) around Chistmas; green in march, etc.

      Jewelry is for everyone to use and enjoy. If you want to get your ears (or anything else for that matter) pierced, don't let someone else's opinion stop you. The only person you have to please in the end is yourself.

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Oh my Hope, you are several years too late. I had both ears pierced July of 2007. I started off with small black studs but soon replaced them with .24 to .36 caret (total weight for the pair) studs in diamond, ruby and sapphire. These I coordinate with the shirt and tie I am wearing an any particular day. Yes, I do have hoops and some larger studs, but these are my everyday, go to work earrings.

      I did cause some fuss the first day I showed up for work like this. After all, I am in my mid-50's and generally look pretty conservative. But I never had any negative reactions. I was in the break room the first or second day and someone asked why I had both ears done. I told them that when it came time to have it done, I couldn't remember which ear meant what so I did both. Someone piped up with 'Maybe he goes both ways'. :)

    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      Hi Hope, How are you?? As you may be aware, that I have submitted comments on some of your hubs on mem wearing womems bras and panties. I do that as you know. Not only do

      I wear the womens bras/panties and wear nail polish too.

      I also wear earrings as well. I started off with one in my left ear, then I went and had another piercing in my left ear in the cartlidge. Over time. I kept on getting more ear piercings. I now wear eight earrings in my left ear and I wear nine earrings in my right ear. They are all studded earrings. Some of the girls I know like my piercings. I had all my ear piercings done at Claires and Piercing Pagoda in the malls. Some piercings were done at Claires and Some done at Piercing Pagoda. I enjoy all my earrings. I can cover all my earrings with my hair if I have to. If there are any other men that wear earrings and even girls that like men wearing earrings, I like to know. Well take care.