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Exfoliation way to safety with coffee

Updated on March 29, 2016

Coffee is not just a favorite beverage but also used for exfoliation way to effectively face. And learning how to face exfoliation of coffee.

Exfoliation is an indispensable step in skin care. There are many ways to exfoliate the face, including the method of using natural materials are encouraged by the safety. In the following article, let's learn 3 ways exfoliation with coffee on the extremely simple and efficient. Only with easily available ingredients and a little time to prepare, you can take away the dead cells on the skin and ugly.

Facial exfoliation way from coffee and cinnamon


- Ground coffee powder: ¼ cup (or you can take advantage of after drinking coffee grounds are also offline).

- Roads: ¼ cup

- Coconut Oil: ¼ cup

- Cinnamon powder: 1 tsp

- Clean glass bottle


1. Coffee, sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon powder in glass jars and stir until all ingredients hand blended together into a thick mixture.

2. Keep tightly closed glass jar and store in a dry place that you can use it for 6 months. You do not necessarily have to be stored in the refrigerator offline.

3.When you need to use, you wash your face thoroughly, apply this mixture on the skin and massage gently for a few minutes and then rinse with clean water. Note, do not apply this mixture on the skin scratched by cinnamon can irritate the skin.

Exfoliation on the way from the coffee and salt


- Ground coffee powder 1 cup (to mix coffee grounds you do not need to replace it)

- Table salt (white grain of salt): 1.5 cups

- Olive oil: 1 cup

- Oil options.


1. Ground coffee powder and salt into a large bowl and mix well.

2. Then pour into a bowl add olive oil to the mix. You will gain a relatively dry mixture rather thick as in the above.

3. Finally you add a few drops of essential oil to scent the mix. Or you can squeeze a few drops of oil obtained from lemon peel, orange or grapefruit is also offline.

4. Pour into a glass jar and store in a cool dry place. This mixture can be kept there for a long time.

When you need to exfoliate, you rinse and apply the mixture on the skin and gently massage a few minutes, then rinse with water.


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