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Exquisite nail polish designs

Updated on July 4, 2011

Discovering a whole new way to paint your nails

For all women, keeping nails in an attractive and presentable manner is crucial. Ensuring your hands are moisturised, cuticles are pushed back and nails are filed perfectly is all part of being desirable. I for one have always taken care in my appearance, in particular my hands. I think the reason being is that my hands are rather masculine.

I am big boned and my hands aren't as feminine as I would have liked. If you are one of those who have the same feeling regarding their hands and want them to appear a little more alluring, or if you simply love to decorate your nails in all colours; then read on.

Making beautiful nail art is simpler than you think

My first result!
My first result! | Source

The wonders of water

I was over a friends house not too long ago, and she showed me a tip from an internet video that demonstrated a method on how to create a crazy decoration on your nails. These included as many colours as you could possibly want, different patterns and for all nail lengths.

What I could not quite comprehend was that the trick was done by dropping nail polish into water. I had never once thought to myself of experimenting with nail polish and water. Believe me, it is fantastic to try and I am glad that I did.

Take a shallow cup and fill it with water. Tap water is acceptable to use, however bottled water is preferred. Once you have a full cup of water, take some of your favourite coloured nail polishes. Let me mention that the more colours you use, the more eccentric the result. I experimented with just two colours as shown in my photo. These were red (which appeared pink upon completion) and a pearly white.

Most nail polish brands should work, but I have noticed the thicker the consistency the better the result. Take your first colour and hover it over the cup. Allow the excess polish to drip off the brush and land in the water. It should sink to the bottom and float slowly to the surface, expanding into a large circle. Keep doing this and alternating the colours until you have an array of colours and circles - one inside another. This is so fascinating to watch!

Soon you should have lots of coloured circles which have by now formed a film on top of the water. Delicately take a stick or a long, thin object, and gently drag the colours into another in whichever pattern you desire. Mine turned out to look like a funky flower!

Upon the conclusion that you are happy with your result, get ready to be amazed! Take some tape (or anything that will sit around your nail comfortably) and cover the skin that will be showing when immersed into the water. Once this is done, take the nail and dip it in facing downwards into the pattern. Use your long, thin object and drag it along the water surface to pick up the remaining nail polish. It should be easy to drag up using your stick or whatever you choose to use, as it turns into a film on the water and collects together nicely.

Once done, remove your nail from the water and you should have a magnificent arrangement of colours, blending into one another. The great thing about this trick is that every nail is different! Although I must mention, the same process must be done for each nail (smaller nails may be done two at a time) therefore this process should be done with time and care.

Have fun, and why not show me the patterns you came up with?


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