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Darkest Tanning Lotion Bronzer: Bombshell 100XX

Updated on October 15, 2010

Some tanning bronzer lotions are so intense, they should only be used by experienced tanners. BombShell 100XX Dark Tanning Bronzer is one of the high intensity, powerfully effective bronzer tanning lotions. Bombshell Dark Bronzer will take your tan and make it darker then you can even imagine. This dark bronzer provides one of the deepest, darkest tans you can get from an indoor tanning lotion.

BombShell is not for just anyone. Not everyone is ready to use a dark tanner like this one. Bombshell is only meant to be used by experienced tanners who have been darkening their skin in tanning beds on a regular basis. There is a powerful sizzle effect that Bombshell creates in order to heighten the tanning results. Only tanners who understand the sizzle should use this.

Bombshell Tanning Lotion
Bombshell Tanning Lotion

Who Should Use BombShell 100xx Dark Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Think you are up to using this Designer Skin dark tanning bronzer? This lotion should only be used if you..

  • Desire an extremely dark tan
  • Are comfortable and familiar with tanning lotions that create a sizzle effect for achieving the darkest tan
  • Are experienced and do regular tanning
  • Are looking to get over a tanning plateau and go shades deeper and darker.
  • Regularly use designer tanning lotions when doing indoor tanning

For even better results with Bombshell, use on medium and high pressure tanning beds.  Alternate tans with a 3 medium to 1 high ratio for the best, most natural, darkest tan.

dark tanning beauty
dark tanning beauty

The BombShell 100xx Dark Tanning Bronzer contains Soy and CoQ-10, and White Tea Extract, this “Ultra-extreme” sizzle formula yields unsurpassed tanning results.With the light fragrance of Kiwi-Watermelon.This 13.5 ounce bottle will give a dark tropical tan appearance.

Created by the brand Designer Skin, Bombshell creates a sizzle when applied to the skin. While some with sensitive skin may claim that this is intense, others feel its only a mild sizzle feeling and that there are other tingling tanning lotions that are by far hotter on the skin. 


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