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Extremely Modified People - Elaine Davidson

Updated on March 4, 2017

Elaine Davidson

Elaine Davidson who was born in Brazil and now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland is the worlds most pierced women. She also holds the record for the person holding the piercing record for the longest period of time. Pain obviously isn't an issue for Elaine because she can sleep on a bed of nails, lay on broken glass, walk on fire, and she has a black belt in Judo. You could say she is a women with many talents, or a giant pincushion which she has also been labelled as.


When Elaine was officially examined by a Guinness World Record official in 2000 she had 462 piercings in total. Nearly half of those piercings (214) adorned her pubic area both internally and externally. 192 piercings were on her face including her ears, eye brows, forehead, chin, nose and tongue. The rest of the piercings (56) were on her body including her breasts, stomach, and hands.

Just a year later Elaine was re examined and had 258 new piercings, making a total of 720 piercings, but it didn't stop there. In 2005 while performing at the Edinburgh Festival The Guardian newspaper reported that Elaine had 3,950 piercings at the time. With a mind blowing 500 of those piercings in her genitalia, both internal and external. Three years later in 2008 the San Francisco Chronicle claimed that Elaine's piercings now totaled 5,920. A year later she continued to add to her collection with the Telegraph reporting the total was now 6,005 piercings. On Elaine's official website she claims as of March 2012 to have 9,000 and counting.

Her different and exotic look is also enhanced with tattoo's and she's often seen with brightly colored makeup, and braided hair full of streamers and feathers.


Why would a former nurse and restaurant owner want so many piercings? Elaine's background and story is relatively unknown. In one interview she said that when she was very little her dream was to be a record holder in the Guinness Book of Records. She went on to say that because she didn't mind the pain involved the piercing record seemed to be the easiest record to go for.

It's reported Elaine's family aren't fond of her piercings, but that didn't deter Douglas Watson who married her in 2011. Douglas a man with no piercings met Elaine in a coffee shop 15 years earlier in Glasgow and they connected. The relationship itself may have lasted 15 years, but the marriage didn't last long and they were divorced the following year in 2012.

Elaine has a store in Edinburgh which offers a mixture of services including piercing, hair braiding, tattoo work and fortune telling. The store also sells aromatherapy products, jewelry and specialized clothing. She wants people to know that she doesn't drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke cigarettes. Her position in the Guinness Book of Records is not only something she is dedicated to, but she also sees it as a responsibility.


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 

      3 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Wow fascinating and a bit freaky but informative I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading all of your interesting hubs. Thank you. So nice meeting you. Linda


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