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Extremely Modified People - Lucky Rich

Updated on March 4, 2017

Lucky Rich

New Zealand born Australian Lucky Diamond Rich is a street performer, and performance artist. He can swallow swords, juggle machetes, chainsaws, and an array of items atop a trademark 4 meter unicycle. However, despite his talents he is mostly recognized as being the worlds most tattooed person.

What does it take to be the worlds most tattooed person? Well, being 100% covered in ink. This includes his eyelids, skin between his toes, inside his ears, gums, and his intimate areas, but even that wasn't enough for Lucky. He then went ahead and tattooed over parts of the black ink with white ink, and then tattooed colored designs on top of the white.


Why spend over 1,000 hours being inked? At 17 years of age Lucky got his first tattoo which was a small juggling club on his hip. By that stage he was already a performance artist after joining the Flying Fruit Fly Circus at just 15, and then Ashton's Circus. Lucky described his first tattoo as making him feel better, "It made me feel a little better, changing myself." He came from a destructive background and said it was very easy for him to slip into fantasy, and tattooing turned into the best way for him to deal with where he had come from. Lucky admits to being an obsessive compulsive and once he decided he wanted to become the world’s most tattooed man there was no stopping him. Surely the process must have been extremely painful, but Lucky describes changing his mind as the most painful experience. "My most painful body change? My mind. Learning to live with myself, daily, to the best of my ability."


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