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Eye Lightening - tips on how to lighten dark under eyes

Updated on June 30, 2010

Many people have experienced success with eye lightening creams, such as the Topix Replenix Intensive Eye Lightening Serum, which removes wrinkles and puffy skin leaving eyes feeling firmer and looking younger.

One of the first and most noticeable signs of aging is directly under the eyes.  The skin builds up excess melanin from sun exposure and squinting which causes the formation of wrinkles.  This unfortunate occurrence starts a chain reaction where the skin become less flexible and more inelastic which deepens the wrinkles and leads to dark under eyes.  And the most devious part about this is that it happens so gradually that it's difficult to notice until one day you're looking in the mirror and notice dark bags under your eyes and wrinkled, puffy skin.

If you're concerned about your appearance and want to lighten dark under eyes, you'll find some tips below on eye lightening  including how to prevent it, how to remove dark bags under your eyes and to firm up your skin to make it elastic and look years younger.

The first and most important tip for keeping your eyes looking young is to prevent sun exposure.  The number one cause of aging is ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  This includes wearing sunglasses whenever you go out into the sun as well as when you're in the car.  You should also wear a sun screen with a minimum of SPF 30 unless you plan on being in the sun longer and then it should be higher and reapplied often. 

Another important tip for the prevention of eye wrinkles is start treating dark under eyes early.  Because the development of wrinkle and dark bags is so gradual it's difficult to notice.  It's much harder and more expensive to repair the damage than to prevent it, so catching it early is essential.  This includes sun protection mentioned above as well as the use of anti-aging wrinkling creams and serums (see below).

To lighten dark under eyes, you're going to have to use a cream or lotion that's specifically designed for treating the eye region. A lot of wrinkle creams and anti-aging creams are formulated for removing large wrinkles, particularly those found in the forehead and neck. The formation of these kinds of wrinkles are much deeper and are treated differently than the subtle eye-wrinkles and crow's feet. In addition, wrinkle creams for the eye are formulated to be effective in sensitive areas such as the eye and nose area. I often recommend Topix Replenix Intensive Eye Lightening Serum because it has a special formula that contains peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers which will treat the skin gently without drying it out.

Using Under Eye Creams

When using under eye creams you'll want to apply them at night after you've cleaned your face.  Applying just a small dose will coat the area around your eye and should dry up in about a minute.  Leaving the under eye wrinkle cream on your eye all night will give it plenty of time to penetrate and react with the sub-dermal layers of the skin.  When you wake up in the morning you may notice that your skin is slightly firmer.  Make sure to wash the cream off in the morning.

You should begin to notice some subtle changes in about 2 weeks.  It will take much longer to notice any substantial improvements, typically 6 weeks to 3 months.  If you experience any sort of extreme dryness or reaction to the product make sure you discontinue using it.  You can treat dry skin with moisturizer but good eye lightener creams shouldn't dry the skin out at all. 


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      6 years ago

      plz suggest a cream which will be more effective to reduce dark circles, and also mention how to use it.... i got tired of these dark circles......plz help me.....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      need a serum for dark under eyes and wrinkles what do you suggest


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