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Eye shadow for your Eye color

Updated on November 4, 2011

Brown Eyes

These eye shadow colors are best for brown eyes.

1. purple shades

2. cool blue shades

3. green shades ( be careful with green, it can make your eyes look tacky) Use natural shades of green instead of bright or dull.)

4. light gray (silver)

5. natural brown or tan

Brown Eyes with Purple Shadow


Eye shadows for Blue eyes

Blue eyes

1. Brown or copper

2. pink shades

3. silver on lower lid and white under the brow line

Never put greens and blues on blue eyes.

Brown and Warm Orange on Blue Eyes


Green eyes with Brown and Gray shadow


Green eyes and Hazel eyes

shadow for green eyes

1. Violet

2. warm orange

3. light brown

4. gray

Gray Eyes

Shadows for Gray Eyes

1. Brown or dark gray

2. Purple

3. cool blue or light green (or both)

Gray eyes with a touch of cool blue and dark gray .


Glitter Shadow Trend

Beautiful violet shadow with a touch of glitter on brown eyes.
Beautiful violet shadow with a touch of glitter on brown eyes. | Source

Glitter Galore!!

Want to try something that really pops? Glitter!

First apply the adhesive which you can get at any beauty supply store.

Then apply your favorite shade of shadow.

Let dry.

Then mix your glitter choice (any beauty supply store) with the adhesive and apply to your eyelids. Mix more glitter for a more dramatic look or less glitter for a less dramatic and more subtle look.

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