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Eyebrow Grooming Tips to Perfect Your Eyes

Updated on April 12, 2011

Eyebrows may seem like an incidental addition to our faces; many of us just accept them as they are without thinking of the role their color and shape plays in complementing and enhancing the harmony and expressiveness of our face.

Brows that Fit

Make-up works as an enhancement to eyes, but brows that have been tailored to a face look better and reduce the need for makeup, because the eyes are already nicely framed. The shape of eyebrows can be corrected to fit and enhance the shape of a person's eyes and face. Many salons provide brow-shaping services; if you would rather try shaping your own brows, the following tips will guide the way.

Defining Perfect Eyebrows

Attractive eyebrows start with equal and symmetrical size and shape. They appear smooth, with all the eyebrow hairs going in the same direction. They keep their shape without the use of clear mascara or other cosmetics. Beautiful brows also match a person's authentic hair color, rather than trying to match the dyed or weaved hair color. A salon can gently lighten or darken brows slightly if the color seems too harsh against very light blonde hair or very dark brown or black hair.

Let's Talk Angles

Eyebrows look best aligned to the structure of the face with three points: the inner corner of the brow, which starts above the inner eye corner; the middle, arched section, and the outer end of the brow. Perfect brows have a thicker beginning, and then taper down to a thinner tail. The bottom of the inner end should also be level with the bottom of the outer brow.

Use a thin object such as a pencil, and grab an eyeliner pencil. Being very careful not to poke yourself in the eye, define the start of the eyebrow by aligning the pencil vertically along the side of the nose, and extending a straight line up from the inner corner of your eye to the point where your eyebrow should start. Mark this spot with your eyebrow pencil. Next, use the pencil to define a line extending from the corner of your nostril, over the middle of your eye and slightly over to the outside of your pupil. Extend this line up through your brow and mark with a dot. This defines the top of the eyebrow arch. Finally, align the pencil from the corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. Extend the line up, and mark where this line intersects with your brow. This marks the spot where the eyebrow should end.

Brow Shape-Up

Once brows are marked, use tweezers to pluck stray hairs and shape the brows. Some brow hairs are also long, and would benefit from a careful trimming to help them keep their shape. Use small brow scissors, and brush eyebrow hairs straight up. Trim the ends of the hairs. Make sure to leave a little bit long – it is too easy to over-trim brows. Next, brush hairs straight down, and then trim ends of the brow hairs. Please note - getting scissors this close to your eyes is dangerous – if you do not feel comfortable doing this step, skip it or have a professional do it.

Daily Care

Add a shiny, smooth look to brows by massaging in a little face cream at night, and brushing them with a brow brush before applying makeup. If eyebrows look thin in certain places, use an eyebrow pencil matched to brow or hair color and lightly feather-in the pencil strokes to fill in sparse areas.

An Alternative – Eyebrow Stencils

Eyebrow stencils are also available for purchase and they work very well to help shape brows. After measuring and shaping, use an eyebrow brush to brush all brows in the same direction. Apply a plastic stencil over the brow, and then brush eye shadow over the brow stencil, in a color that matches your hair. Remove the stencil, soften the look with a few more strokes of the eyebrow brush, then stand back and admire your perfect brows!

Perfect your brows! Use eyebrow stencils


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