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Eyebrow Pencils Guide– How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Pencil Color

Updated on September 29, 2010

Like most eye makeup, some people can get very apprehensive about using eyebrow pencils.There really is no need to be intimidated!

Eyebrow pencils are a painless way to shape your eyebrows, not to mention they are very affordable. Educate yourself with the basics of using eyebrow pencils and you'll be armed and ready to go out and purchase the perfect eyebrow pencil.

This article will serve as your eyebrow pencils guide and teach you everything you need to know about eyebrow shaping with eyebrow pencils as well as some top recommendations for purchasing the best eyebrow pencils. You can also find links to some helpful eyebrow shaping tips and tricks that I've published at the end of this article.

Buying Eyebrow Pencils Online

Shopping online for eyebrow pencils is a great way to comparative price shop as well as read reviews for choosing the best eyebrow pencils (as well as other makeup!)

When shopping for eyebrow pencils, it is very helpful to purchase one that includes a mini eyebrow brush. This way, you can gently brush the hair in the direction in which it grows to keep a uniform look (check out my article on eyebrow gel to learn how to make sure that it stays in place!). After the hair is gently brushed, then all you have to do is simply draw in little light strokes to fill in your eyebrows and enhance the shape.

To the right, you will find some of the best selling eyebrow pencils on

Eyebrow Pencil Benefits

  • Cost Effective – One brow pencil lasts a very long time.
  • Painless – Shape your eyebrows without plucking or waxing – ouch!
  • Non-permanent – Unlike over waxing or plucking, if you make a mistake with an eyebrow pencil, simply wash off and start over again.
  • Add volume – If you have very thin eyebrows, you can add some depth and volume with a correctly shaded eyebrow pencil.
  • Add color safely – It is possible to get your eyebrows dyed to match your hair color in a salon. This can be very dangerous as the dye can enter into your bloodstream and adversely affect your eyes and your vision. If you’re a blonde turning brunette, an eye pencil is a very easy way to darken your brows without the risks of dye.

Eyebrow pencils can easily add a new look and brighten up your face.
Eyebrow pencils can easily add a new look and brighten up your face.

How to Select an Eyebrow Pencil

  • Make sure to choose a color that closely matches your hair color.  It may sound obvious, but some people think that using a black pencil on brown eyebrows helps accentuate. Accentuate it does, but it certainly doesn’t create a natural look that you’re probably looking for.
  • There are waterproof eyebrow pencils out there, but if you’re just starting, consider getting a regular one as it’s easier to wash off mistakes. You still can wash off waterproof eyebrow pencils, but it’s a bit more challenging.
  • Many eyebrow pencils come with an eyebrow brush, which is very important when grooming your eyebrows. You can also purchase these separately at any convenience store.

Using Eyebrow Pencils for Painless Eyebrow Maintenance

You can use eyebrow pencils on their own, but many people prefer to use them with clear eyebrow gel for the ultimate eyebrow shape without any pain. I wrote another article on eyebrow gel as well as the method to shape your eyebrows with no waxing or plucking. A little bit of gel and a good eyebrow pencil can make a wonderful and noticeable difference and truly help accentuate your eyebrows.

You can read that article here: Eyebrow Gel – Painless Eyebrow Enhancer Tool (Will open in a new window)

More Eyebrow Shaping Articles

I hope these tips help you in selecting the best eyebrow pencil for you! Below are some other articles that I have written about eyebrow maintenance that you might find useful in your search to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

(All links below will open in a new window!)

Perfect Eyebrow Shape – How to Shape Eyebrows: The Ultimate Shaping Guide!

Does Electrolysis Work ? – My advice and experience with using electrolysis for shaping your eye brows.

Celebrity Eyebrows – Celebrity eyebrow pictures to give you ideas on the perfect eyebrow shape!

Other related eyebrow products from

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    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      Nice Hub! I normally do not bother with makeup and have always liked the minimal look. But i have a special occasion to attend i use eye brow pencil, kajal, mascara and lipstick.