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How Much Does An Eyebrow Tattoo Cost

Updated on August 13, 2012

Why Have an Eyebrow Tattoo ?

Eyebrow tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular tool in the cosmetic industry make up kit. However, many people consider the eyebrow tattoo cost as a factor in their decision whether or not this procedure is the one for them.

There may be differing reasons why someone may decide to have an eyebrow tattoo but usually it is to create a symmetrical look to persons’ eyebrows, predominantly to improve their appearance.

Whilst most of us probably pay little attention to our eyebrows, for some they can be an important facial feature and is perhaps more widely used than we realise to express ourselves.

The cost of having an eyebrow tattoo may be more of a factor for those who are simply looking for a slight improvement to their eyebrows for cosmetic purposes, however for those who are suffering loss of eyebrow hair; it may be less of a factor and a cost that they are happy to pay. Another factor in the decision making of course, may be fear of the tattoo needle; something guaranteed to bring a percentage out in a cold sweat.

There can be many reasons for the loss of eyebrow hair and these include medical conditions but also injury or even simple over plucking of the eyebrows. This may lead to unevenness of the eyebrows or in more extreme cases, total hair loss.

Prior to eyebrow tattooing arriving on the scene, most people would literally draw their eyebrows on each morning which is a time consuming task. However, with many trained eyebrow tattooists now appearing, semi permanent and permanent eyebrow tattooing is becoming a common procedure. This method can be used to length or give a fuller look to eyebrows as well as creating symmetry.

Eyebrow tattoo cost can vary widely from place to place and is likely to depend on the experience of the tattooist but also the reputation of the beauty salon. It goes without saying that if you choose a top name salon, you are likely to pay more than at a local one.

The cost of an eyebrow tattoo is likely to range from as low as $200 to as much as $2000 so as you can see, eyebrow tattoo cost is extremely variable indeed. Whether it is worth it to you is likely to depend on your need for it.


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