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Eyebrow Transplant

Updated on July 21, 2009

An eyebrow transplant, though an uncommon procedure, is valuable to those who need it. Eyebrow hairs can fall out due to time, over-plucking, hormonal imbalances, or illness . Some people just can’t naturally grow any eyebrow hair and others are burn victims.

Eyebrows are a valuable part of the face because they highlight the eye area and, quite simply, are part of every face we have seen. They also help us distinguish other peoples’ emotions including sadness, happiness, frustration, or surprise. As such, many people get eyebrow transplants done to give them a natural look. Without too light or no eyebrows at all, something just doesn’t look right. Women experience hair loss in the eyebrows, making them resort to having pencil drawn eyebrows, as do men. 

Pretty much all hair restoration clinics can also do an eyebrow transplant as well. Rather than these hair restoration clinics moving scalp hair or leg hair to another portion of the head, the donor hair is moved to the eyebrows. Essentially, what you’d have after an eyebrow transplant is your natural head or leg in the eyebrow area. Because eyebrows are typically light and not coarse, donor areas, which have light hair are used for the eyebrow transplantation. Scalp hair strands are, one at a time, positioned into tiny incisions in the eyebrow area, which are angled in a way that mimics the angle of natural looking eyebrows. Although this may sound like a long and painful process, eyebrow transplant surgery takes 1 treatment and is pain free because of the Several months after the procedure you should have the eyebrows that you always wanted.

What is the approximate cost of eyebrow transplant? Well, it isn’t cheap, costing you in the neighborhood of around $4,000. Although the eyebrow transplant cost has a lot of zeros in it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford it. Hair restoration clinics usually have financing options available (Bosely, a popular hair restoration clinic, has financing for example) as do companies such as Capital One Health Care Finance. You can also get the extra money from a home equity line, a home equity line of credit, or through a cash-out refinance of your house. Do eyebrow transplants last for the rest of your life? Yes they do. As such, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. You may have to get a touch up procedure done several years after your transplant for eyebrows.   

Here is an eyebrow transplant before and after:

eyebrow transplant  (photo credit
eyebrow transplant (photo credit


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