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Eyebrow Waxing; How To's from a Licensed Professional

Updated on March 5, 2015

What to Know Beforehand

Eyebrows are a tricky game! You can go from fabulous to prison inmate in a millisecond. Know your limitations and don't get addicted to plucking/waxing! Most women you see walking around with super thin brows, have gone through a very gradual process to get to this point.

The upkeep is different from shaving and tweezing. In order to wax an area the hair has to get to a certain length. For some, this is undesirable. Most people have noticeable "grow out" for about a week or so. This varies from person to person though. If you have fine, blonde hair you will have less obvious growth. However, if you have thick, curly, dark hair you might not be so pleased. It's all about personal preference and finding what works for your body.

Part of this also includes knowing your skin. If you have thin, easily-irritated skin you will want to be very cautious. Do small areas at a time with ultra thin layers of wax.

There is a small investment when first setting up. It's not outrageous though. If you plan on getting regular waxes, you will save money for years.

Purchasing Product

There is a lot to know about buying product. Once you find what you like though, you will be set. I always recommend going to beauty supply stores rather than buying through other venues. Every other infomercial is about some new hair removal product. While some of them are probably good products, it's hard to decipher. Most people have at one point or another, purchased the NEW AMAZING PAINLESS WHATEVER. Most of us have ended up with a gimmick and hard-earned money down the drain. I have Sally Beauty Supply stores in my area. If you don't have them in your area I would either use their website or go to a comparable beauty supply store near you. Anyone can shop at Sally's, no license necessary. Beauty supply stores often carry a section on hair, nails, waxing, skin care and make up. With so many areas covered in one store, there is a limited selection for each. They have concentrated their supply for each section based upon what professionals/diy-ers continue to regularly purchase. They often have staffs that buy their personal products there and receive free samples of new product. This is helpful for you (the consumer) because their products are tested and you can ask questions directly to those who have experience with them. Sally's employees also do not work on commission so they will most likely answer very honestly if they dislike a product. You can also return the product if you are displeased with it as long as you keep the receipt and stay withing the listed time frame. If you find a product you like you can always buy it online later if you find it for less money; as long as you trust the source. People end up with watered-down products far too often when purchasing online. For this tutorial I will be using GiGi wax as an an example. I've used it for years, it's readily available to the consumer, and it's very affordable. The process I will be describing will be applicable for just about every hot wax system though. Of course, read all the paperwork that comes with your system, regardless.

Supply List

✔Wax warmer with cover (14 ounce recommended)

✔Wax of your choice (same amount of oz as warmer)

✔Pre-wax cleanser

✔Pre-wax (epilation powder)

✔Excess Wax Remover (I mean for skin but it does also come in a form used for cleaning wax off of furniture in case you spill)

✔Small, thin applicators

✔Small, thin muslin strips

✔Face lotion (I always recommend a vegan phthalate-free moisturizer)


✔Magnifying mirror

✔Excellent lighting


✔Hand Sanitizer, rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide

✔Eyebrow wax (cosmetic section)

✔Cotton pads

✔Regular mirror

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Set up your station. Warm your wax (will take about a half hour- really depends on the type of warmer. Make sure the lid of the wax canister is off. The lid on the wax warmer can stay on (again, always refer to your packaging). Lay a towel off to the side. You can lay your implements and muslin strips out for easy access. Make sure you are in a well lit area and have a magnifying mirror as well as a regular one. Have a small garbage bin available next to you.
  2. Make sure you know what you want. Look through beauty magazines, go on Pinterest, etc.
  3. Wash your hands and follow with hand sanitizer. Using a cotton pad and the cleanser, clean both of your eye brows. Make sure there's no make up or residual oils on the skin you will be waxing. You can then, pour some of the epilating powder onto a small dish or cotton pad. Use your fingertip to rub the power through your eyebrows and the skin underneath and around. Wipe excess powder off of brows with a tissue. Smooth your brows and visualize the hairs you will need to remove to achieve your look. Some people use brow pencil to outline their preferred shape. I prefer not to do this. Most brow pencils have oils in them. I worry that it would hinder the wax from sticking. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with.
  4. Make sure the wax is totally melted. Using one of the applicators, stir the wax to check the consistency. Let the wax slowly drip off of the applicator until there is just a small bead at the tip. If you slowly twirl the stick, it will keep the strings of wax from continuously dripping off. Place a small amount of wax on your inner wrist to test the temperature. The heating temperature is often hotter than the temperature you will want to be using it at. If the temperature of the wax feels comfortable on your wrist, you are ready for the next step. If it feels too hot, readjust the temperature (check your equipment information), leave the lid off, and let it cool a bit. Re test on your wrist until you feel comfortable (not in the same spot as the first test).
  5. Use the magnifying mirror for this step. Make sure your eyebrows are smoothed back and away from the ones you want to remove. Using a small applicator, dip into the wax, let excess drip off, twirl up to your eyebrow, and draw the wax onto the intended area. Usually I will start by cleaning up the area underneath the brow (above the eyelid). Drop the stick into the garbage. Place a small strip of muslin cloth on top of the wax. Do not rub the strip. Merely place it over the wax, lightly press on, and rip off against the direction of growth.
  6. Now you can reassess. Check to see if all the intended hairs have been removed. If there are only a few left you can pluck them. If you plan on plucking them, first clean you tweezers with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Ingrown hairs are easier to prevent than cure. If there is quite a bit of hair left, repeat the step. Check to see if your muslin cloths are reusable. As a side note, it's always best to use too little wax than too much. After watching a girl wax a woman's entire eyebrow off in beauty school, I have learned this.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above your eyebrows and in the middle area.
  8. Once you have finished waxing, use the wax removal cream to wipe away any excess stickiness/wax.
  9. Use your eye brow wax pencil (cosmetic) to smooth your brows exactly how you want them. At this point, you can tweeze any remaining stray hairs.
  10. I like to sanitize my brow area at this juncture. To prevent any bacteria from infecting your newly open pores, sanitizing is key. Alcohol or rubbing alcohol on a tissue is enough. Just rub into your brow area (avoiding your eyeballs). Then, apply your facial moisturizer and you're good to go. You will probably have some redness for a couple of hours. It's usually nice to wax the night beforehand.

How do you maintain your eye brows?

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