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Tips For Buying Prescription Eyeglasses On The Internet

Updated on May 22, 2014

Prescription Eyewear: Details Make a Difference

In today's troubling economy, everybody is looking to save money and comparison shopping has become routine for almost every purchase big or small. We compare prices at the supermarket, at the mall, when going to a doctor and when shopping online. With the wealth of information available on the internet, we can approach almost any purchase with enough information so that we have become educated consumers more confident in our decision making. It seems like you can buy just about anything on the internet today and with the idea of great savings and convenience, internet shopping has become very appealing.

Buying prescription eyewear online has become increasingly popular. A wide assortment of frames to choose from without ever leaving your house is most appealing. To make purchasing eyeglasses online a positive experience, it's best to be informed on all the variables that should be considered in order to make your eyeglasses the most attractive providing you with the clearest vision.

The first place to start is with precise measurements from a licensed optician. Most opticians have a 2 year degree where they are educated to take into account the many variables that are involved in producing lenses that optimize lens attributes with your personal measurements. Pupillary distance (PD) is only one variable. Years of experience make opticians very skilled at prescription analysis. Frame choice, lens selection and measurements are equally important as well as one's facial characteristics and general posture. This all becomes even more important when you are buying glasses for a child, or when you are very near or farsighted or if you need multi-focal/progressive lenses. Exact measurements and the specific selection of lens variables (such as lens type, lens material, base curve, and edge thickness) are important for the most attractive looking lenses that will provide you with the clearest vision.

The quality of the lenses will determine how clearly and comfortably you will see. There are hundreds of lenses available with a variety of characteristics and levels of quality. Poor quality lenses may pass manufacturing standards, but they will not provide you with the clearest vision possible. It's Important that your lenses are manufactured to the exact specifications of your prescription and personal measurements in order for you to have the clearest vision and easiest time adapting to your new glasses.

Here are just a few things to consider when buying prescription eyeglasses:

Have you tried on the frame you are considering buying?

Is this frame suitable for your prescription and does it fit you correctly?

Does it flatter you?

Are you confident in your PD and progressive lens measurements?

Is the designer frame you want to buy genuine?

What is the warranty on the frame and lenses?

What is the quality of the lenses you will be receiving?

Who is going to fit and adjust your glasses on a regular basis?

What are the costs involved in any future repairs?

Using these variables as a checklist will make you more confident in your purchase and help assure you that you will love your glasses everyday you wear them.



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