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Eyelash Enhancement Products - Improving the Look of Your Lashes

Updated on January 4, 2013

The Secret to Gorgeous Eyelashes

Chances are that if you follow the beauty or cosmetics industry, you may have heard some of the recent buzz about a new class of cosmetics that can enhance your eyelashes. What exactly does that mean? Basically, the goal of these products is to develop and enhance the natural look of your eyelashes. They are typically sold as an alternative to lash extensions and the manufacturers claim that after several weeks of using them, you will see longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes.

Do they really work? While I was able to dig up a few online reviews from users who weren't completely satisfied, most consumers who posted online reviews seemed to reach the conclusion that the products did in fact work and they were happy with their results. The only reported side effects I discovered in my research were a little temporary redness for those with sensitive skin and many of those users also said they were able to correct that simply but cutting back on the amount they were applying.

Eyelash Enhancement
Eyelash Enhancement

Are they safe?

Most experts generally will claim that these products are safe for use around the eyes and carry a limited potential for side effects. Early versions of some popular brands did have a number of issues but the quality appears to have greatly improved in recent years.

Research has shown that prescription products such as Latisse containing the ingredient bimatoprost have the potential to produce some side effects such as skin darkening and irritation. The frequency of these side effects is low and the FDA has approved the drug for treating conditions involving short or sparse eyelashes. For specific concerns, you can always consult with your doctor. There are alternative choices available over-the-counter that do not contain bimatoprost.

How do they work?

They usually come in a tube that resembles mascara. Users apply the liquid once or twice daily just like you would apply a liquid eyeliner. After a few weeks, you should see an overall improvement in the way your eyelashes look.

As with any cosmetics, there are some that seem to work better than others. The lash enhancement products identified below are the ones that seemed to have the best reviews. Many of them are also hold lofty positions on the best seller lists in their respective categories on Amazon.

Popular Eyelash Enhancement Products

Now that prices have started to come down on some of the more established brands, these items have exploded in popularity. There are several different eyelash enhancement products that have scored positive reviews with consumers. Some of the most popular lash enhancers in recent months have been Revitalash, RapidLash, LiLash, LashAlive, and Jan Marini Lash Conditioner. Each has a slightly different formulation but has built a loyal following with consumers who swear by their results.

Users have reported seeing significant improvements in length, thickness, fullness, and overall health of their lashes within a matter of weeks. If you plan on trying one of these, start by reading some reviews other customers have posted so you can know what to expect. Next, before you buy directly from the manufacturer's website; keep in mind that you can save some money at times by finding it on eBay or Amazon at a lower price. Getting great results should always be the most important consideration when shopping for a lash enhancement product but saving money is always good too!

Which eyelash enhancement product works best?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      so what were the 'other brands'?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Revitalash works very well for me, love it.


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