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Eyelash Perming & Tinting

Updated on May 12, 2013

Perming and/or dying your eyelashes can make them seem longer and fuller then they really are. The darker your eyelashes are the fuller they seem which can be created by tinting your eyelashes. Perming them, making them curl up into your eyelids can make them seem like they are longer then they really are. Which is the same concept of curling your eyelashes and putting mascara on them except this is semi-permanent which means less work every morning if it is part of your make-up routine or you can take out make-p your routine all together.

Of course with all cosmetic surgery there are pros and cons, which I will be listing

Eyelash Tinting:


  • Lasts about a month – month and a half
  • Does not rub off, therefore no bleeding or smudging
  • Less hassle during morning routine, time saving
  • Makes your eyes appear bigger and more dramatic, appearance of thicker and longer eyelashes
  • Good for active lifestyle
  • Not clumps like when putting in mascara
  • Safe for contact lenses
  • Can be done at home
  • Takes only approximately 15 min to dye your eyelashes, sort amount of time compared to eyelash extensions
  • Vegetable dye lasts less amount of time but safe for skin


  • Can cause allergic reaction to some people therefore resulting in stinging of eyes and skin around the eye or become irritated and red: Peroxide lasts longer but can cause irritation
  • If done too often can cause permanent vision problems which can lead to vision lost over time
  • Can be less effective then mascara when fading
  • Only good for people with really light eyelashes
  • Professional tinting can be costly if done every month 35$-70$
  • At home kits can be messy and dangerous if not done right
  • Can tint skin around eye from the dye
  • Need to keep eyes still for procedure

Procedure of eyelash tinting:

  1. Special sticker is placed around eyes to keep tint of tinting skin around eye area and going into eye
  2. Dye is applied to upper and lower eyelashes carefully
  3. Leave for 5 – 15 minutes, (please remember to do a test patch to make sure no irritation to eye before full procedure)
  4. Dye is washed off with water

Eyelash Perming:


  • Enhance eyelash appearance in length, makes eyes appear eye wider
  • Saves time and hassle of doing curling eyelashes as part of make-up routine
  • Prevents eyelash lost from curling your eyelashes manually with an eyelash curler
  • Lasts anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks usually
  • Painless if done right
  • Durable for very active activities
  • Can be done at home or at salon
  • Home kits only cost about 10$ - 30$
  • Better than using a curler, more drastic results
  • Works on even short eyelashes


  • Takes 40 – 50 mins to perm eyelashes
  • Perming solution has a strong scent and can stay on your eyelashes for a few days
  • May take more than one time to get eyelashes curled for the right dramatic effect
  • New growing eyelashes will grow straight resulting in some curled and some straight eyelashes
  • Can cause allergic reaction from the chemical around eyes, irritating and causing redness
  • Procedure is not FDA approved
  • Eyelashes can be dry, look messy, fall out or break after procedure if not done right
  • If done in salon can be costly, 30$ - 70$
  • Over exposure can cause damage to eyelashes or frequent perming can cause eye lids to be itchy or burning sensation
  • Home kits can be dangerous since most individuals are not trained to perform this task safely

Procedure of eyelash perming:

  1. Roll eyelashes into desired size roller
  2. Water soluble glue is then applied
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes
  4. Lash conditioner is applied
  5. Roller is removed gently with damp cotton wool


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